Zombies Won’t Keep Away Zombies


Once upon a time, there was no getting away from zombies. If they had you trapped, you were trapped. And you were dead. Now and days, it’s not like that anymore. Tricks can be used to disguise a living person from a hungry zombie. Such as we see on The Walking Dead, a survivor can use a zombie’s scent to cover up their own by smearing infected guts all over themselves, or even simply by having a zombie near them. They can pass safely through hordes and infested woods without another zombie giving them a second glance. This seems to be the new form of escape and, simply put, I call bullshit.

Having a zombie near you will not prevent other zombies from noticing you are there. If that was the case, all you’d have to do when being attacked by a zombie, was to run towards another zombie. Then the smell of the other zombie would mask your scent from the first zombie and vise versa. They’d stop, confused, and you could scamper off. Basically, according to this theory, unless your attacked by just one lone zombie, they would simply not realize you were there.

Obviously, this is not the case. First of all, zombies are not just attracted to the smell of humans, they are aware of every aspect of a humans living being. The look of us, our sounds, and movements. They can easily detect the quicker and more graceful movements of a living person and they can hear our breathing and possibly even our heartbeat. A zombie is said to use all it’s senses equally and would therefor have a slightly more acute sense of hearing to the average human, who relies primarily on sight. So masking your scent would not be enough.


Another thing to consider is that zombies have a tendency to collect into hordes. This usually happens due to the fact that zombies are attracted to the sounds of other zombies. This is a classic fact. You get one zombie moaning and groaning and more will undoubtedly follow the sound. So you would have to completely remove the zombies vocal chords and probably jaw as well in order to ensure silence. However, as I’ve explained, this would do nothing more than leave you with a quiet, but otherwise still useless and dangerous zombie.

In conclusion, having a zombie near you is more likely to attract other zombies to you than to keep them away. There is no disguising yourself from zombies. They will see you, they will hear you, they will smell you, and they will know you’re there. They will know you’re there and they will know you’re alive. No matter what you do.

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