Zombies VS Vampires

With all the new content that keeps pouring out of artistic souls on a daily basis, both vampires and zombies get their fair share of attention. With The Walking Dead, Zombieland 2 and many more, zombies have their fair share of attention at the moment. So, what about a little Zombies VS Vampires?

Vampires also get more shows and movies to brag about these days. And just like zombies enjoy a strong franchise in The Walking Dead, vampires have Twilight and classics like Dracula and Blade to lean on.

So… Who’s better? Of course me, who is writing for a zombie magazine, is totally not biased what-so-ever.. To level the playing field, I have made 3 categories where the rotting ghouls clash it out with the emo bats. I also need to clarify what type of zombies are involved, it’s the slow shambling undead, hit them in the brain kind from The Walking Dead. This is the most classic zombie of our modern times. In the chosen scenario, both would be roaming the earth at the same time, battling it out for world domination and their own “survival” so to say.

1 – Lethality vs each other

Vampires might have the upper hand in terms of fighting capability. Their immortality, heightened senses and morphing capabilities certainly come in handy here. Whenever danger appears, just turn into a bat and fly away. Also in terms of retaining fighting capabilities, not being a stiff, rotting and frail corpse will be useful.

Zombies have something going for them here as well. They can move in large crowds and don’t care what happens. They will relentlessly and persistently go after their target. Slithering through the grass as nothing more than a head and one arm if needed.

When cornered in a tight space, or forced to flee a building while it’s light outside, zombies will have the upper hand. Out in the open however, zombies won’t stand a chance. Vampires will morph into something that flies and be gone with the wind. They could actually use zombie hordes to their advantage by leading them on.

2 – Lethality vs humans

Zombies will be slow but relentless in their pursuit and need a precise blow to the brain to be taken down for good. No matter where you go, unless so remote or high up (climbing) where zombies cannot reach, you will forever be chased. Make a fire or a noise, they will show up. You will never rest and eventually, sometime and somewhere, you will be cornered or taken by surprise.

Vampires however can be annoying in their own way. They have that morphing thing, so they could turn into something small and appear in your camp. On the other hand, they follow some truly “special” rules… If you hide in a building, they need to be invited in. In which case I suggest you wait until it’s sunlight and they just piss off. Now what they might do.. Is lure zombies to your camp, so you flee, then they get you on the road. Luckily all you need is something silver, or a stake or cross and they’ll piss off again. For such cool creatures (immortality and morphing), they have fairly annoying weaknesses. I think in this case of zombies vs vampires, the zombie clearly wins. It doesn’t matter if you have holy objects, materials, daylight, or just don’t invite them in. They will show up and relentlessly force you on the run until they have you.

3 – Long term survival

During the first stages of the zombie outbreak, vampires will have a blast. Amidst the massive chaos and panic, collapse of police and armed forces, they can roam free and kill without a bother. In the long run, when both are roaming the earth looking for prey, the zombie has several advantages over vampires though. After the majority of survivors have been pushed into strongholds, armed and fortified their positions, vampires will need to focus their efforts on these strongholds in order to get the one thing they need, blood. Without it they will age until they die. Now they might be able to use animals for this, but these will also be hunted by large groups of zombies going after anything that moves.

For zombies, in the long run, they will keep roaming around until there is nothing left of them. Which can be a long ass time. Vampires will always have that ticking clock of needing to find blood. For the sake of giving them more survivability, I’ll accept animal blood for this as well. But as the hordes stop finding humans, who will have their strongholds in places the zombies can’t crawl, and vampires aren’t invited.. They will start relentlessly marching after animals until they’re cornered or try to fight back and get ripped apart.


Fighting capabilities definitely go to vampires. Being able to morph, think and have hyper active senses will give them the advantage in combat scenarios, or for escaping a deadly one. The vampire’s lethality towards humans has many ways it can be mitigated, where the zombies will be relentless. What really puts the nail in the coffin for me in this scenario though, is the long term survival. The zombie needs nothing and can roam forever, the vampire will run out of blood sources eventually. Even if they take out the human strongholds the zombies cannot reach, they will no longer have a blood source available and their existence will end.

Vampires might find a way to use humans for “farming” blood. This is however very unlikely, given the small amounts of blood humans can go without before dying. Humans would also resist during battles against vampires, making live capture very unlikely. These humans would also need to receive food to stay alive, thus need a permanent setup with a lot of humans in captivity for a few vampires.

Verdict, Zombies VS Vampires…

Vampires will thrive in the early days of a zombie outbreak. Zombies will be the last ones to roam the earth before destroying all life… And just maybe, human colonies will adapt to both and slowly take our planet back.

What do you think?

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Written by Frank

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