Zombies in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Zombies were one of the first mobs added to Minecraft. They are creatures of the night and are very attracted to players and villagers.

Players who are looking to play Minecraft should know all about zombies behavior if they want to survive the night.

Zombies have unique mechanics in Minecraft, with the ability to call for reinforcements. They also burn in daylight, which is great news for players hiding away during the long night.

All zombies also have a % chance of either spawning as a zombie villager or a baby zombie. Baby zombies have an additional % chance of spawning on top of a chicken, known as a Chicken Jockey.

Zombies have an % chance of spawning as a Husk in desert biomes. They are also found in % of Dungeon mob spawners.

In addition to all of this, some zombies will spawn with tools or armor, making them stronger than regular zombies.

Zombies will pursue players within blocks compared to other mobs block radius. This makes zombies some of the most annoying mobs in Minecraft.

In addition to this, zombies who are damaged by the player can call any other zombies within a block radius. On Hard mode, additional zombies have a chance to spawn when a zombie is attacked by the player.

Zombies will attack villagers, Iron Golems and Wandering Merchants, posing as a massive threat to the safety of villages. If the village s Iron Golem ends up dying, there will be nothing protecting the villagers from the zombie onslaught.

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% of zombies who are pursuing a player or a villager will also bang on closed doors if they are in the way. On Hard difficulty, they can even break the doors down.

If a zombie has their head submerged underwater for more than seconds, they will transform into Drowned.

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