Zombies and thunderstorms

Zombies and thunderstorms

Just sitting at my desk, thinking about topics to write about, I look outside and wonder: “Zombies and thunderstorms?”. It’s Friday the 13th and it’s half a hurricane outside, dark, grey and windy with lots of rain. Good thing it’s almost weekend!

Here are the few scenarios I came up with:

1 – They ignore it
It might be possible that the walking dead aren’t interested in thunder at all, it wont impact them and they just continue shuffling along like nothing happened. If this is the case, use it to your advantage to move around. Use the sound of rain and thunder to break that window to get in to a store. Or use the thunder to time your shot to take down a deer for food, while masking the sound of with the elements.

2 – They try following the flashes and thunder
This might be hilarious. Imagine thousands of zombies looking up at the sky, trying to move in the direction of the sound or flashes. But because these are so short and all over the place, it will look like the zombies are doing some weird dance. Shuffling in every direction for a second until they get distracted by the next bang. You’re advised to wait out the storm and try not to laugh to much.

There is another possibility, but that would only work if the zombies were infected and not actually dead. Because of severe brain damage, maybe they’d go crazy and get scared. A bunch of zombies cowering in RV’s and shit, imagine that. What do you think zombies would do in a thunderstorm?

Anyway, weekend is here, have a good one!

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Written by Frank

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