Zombieland 2: Is It Worth It?

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Zombieland 2: Is It Worth It

On Friday, October 18th moviegoers around the globe walk, ran, and shambled to finally see the much-anticipated sequel of the year; Zombieland 2: Double Tap. We the fans of the original movie had been waiting ten years for this moment, and we couldn’t be happier, but, Zombieland 2: Is It Worth It?

The movie starts with a snowy shot of an abandoned building and the signature narrated greeting from the main character named Columbus. During this, he tells us seven years have passed since the first movie. Also, during this period the zombies have evolved into different classes. We begin with the introduction to the dumbest class of zombie, The Homer. The reason being this type is bumbling and stupid similar to their namesake, Homer Simpson. If you find yourself facing a clever and witty one, with a knack for problem-solving you are facing what is called a Hawking, or Beatrix if it is female. The last type mention in the intro is a fast, shift, quiet type called the Ninja. After learning about these new types of zombies we discovered that during this seven-year gap our heroes have been living it up in the White House, Columbus and Wichita are unofficially married, and Little Rock turned 18 years old. Shortly after her small birthday party Little Rock and Tallahassee are having a heated discussion about her leaving the nest as Tallahassee makes the ultimate zombie killing vehicle he nicknamed, The Beast. Little Rock wants people her age to date and hang out with as she brings up the dream of wanting to marry someday. Tallahassee shrugs off her complaints and focuses on the car. The next day he greets everyone in the oval office with a surprise early Christmas party, where Little Rock and Tallahassee butt heads again as Tallahassee gives her a gun and calls her ‘Little Girl’. She is annoyed with him because he won’t treat her as the adult she is. During the party, Tallahassee mentions moving the group to Graceland to be more near his idol, Elvis Presley. Later that night once everybody goes to bed Columbus decided now is the time to purpose to Wichita with the Hope Diamond. This spurs an argument with the young couple because Wichita is very much against marriage. After a few minutes, Columbus gives up and puts the ring back in the drawer to give her some time to think over his proposal.

He wakes up the next day eager for Wichita’s answer and learns from Tallahassee that she and Little Rock ran out in the middle of the night, leaving a note apologizing for their abrupt departure. Meanwhile, Little Rock and Wichita hit the road after stealing “The Beast”. While out on the road they begin to complain about Tallahassee and Columbus smothering them when they meet a guitar playing Pacifist named Berkeley. We cut back to Tallahassee and Columbus with Columbus narrating to us that weeks had passed since the girls left, and Tallahassee dragged him to a nearby mall to blow off some steam. After abandoning Tallahassee in a sporting goods store he goes into a nearby candle shop to browse for some nice scented candles for his room. Here he runs into Madison. Madison is your stereotypical blond character and tells Columbus she survived the last seven years by living in the cooler at Pinkberry. Columbus feels bad for her and invites her to live at the White House with him and Tallahassee. Tallahassee is not impressed by Madison but agrees to bring her along for Columbus’s sake. When they arrive it doesn’t take long for Columbus and Madison to “get to know each other better”. Later that night, Tallahassee hears some noise from the garage and decides to investigate it with Columbus thinking it’s a zombie. When they get to the garage they are shocked to find Wichita going through their weapons. Wichita tells them that she only returned because she needed guns to rescue her sister. 

She says they had been staying with Berkeley during her absence from the group. Berkeley has no weapons of any kind and survives on the notion of peace, love, and music. After Tallahassee throws a fit she says that Little Rock had run off with him to go to Graceland together after leaving a note for Wichita that morning. Fearing for her sister’s safety Wichita returned to stock up on guns and other weapons so she can go to Graceland to save her sister, which the boys are more than happy to help her with.

The overall movie was very enjoyable. It held firm to the old foundation of the first movie but added enough new elements making a unique storyline. It also had the right amount of both comedy and drama which is what made the first film so exciting. My favorite parts were the many first movie references they made such as Columbus drinking Code Red Mountain Dew or the stuffed Twinkie in Tallahassee’s garage. If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll love the second one. Just remember when you go to see it stay tuned for the post-credit scene where they discuss the first day of the outbreak with a special celebrity appearance. I think I should also mention there is quite a bit more violence and swearing in this one compared to the first film, so please leave the kiddos at home.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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