Zombie type: Infected individual

A deeper look at infected individuals

As we all know there are several types of zombies out there, but the most controversial of them all is the “infected individual”. I know a person is called that before they turn, but people also refer to zombies who aren’t actually dead as infected individuals. For example in the movie 28 days later (or was it weeks later? Both?). These zombies aren’t dead and then reanimated, so technically they aren’t zombies. But they are included in the genre, so I’m covering them.

How can we recognize this type of zombie?

  • They can run
  • They die from injuries that kill any other person

That’s about it! The rest is really left out there in the open isn’t it? What would be scary if these zombies could band together and still use their human intelligence to attack us. Although that’s where I would stop calling them zombies. As I’m writing it becomes clear that this would be the line between organized cannibalism and the zombie genre. So, they can’t organize and have a fully functioning brain. Let’s add that point to the list on how to recognize them

  • They cannot organize themselves too much

So maybe a little insect like organizing, herd patterns and so on. Anything more than that and they’re basically human again.

Why are these zombies dangerous?

Very simple, because they can run. Hitting a moving target is hard. Hitting a fast moving target is very hard. Hitting a fast moving target that’s running towards you only needs superior firepower! Didn’t see that one coming right? Simple explanation:

The zombie cannot be too organized, because then it won’t be a zombie. So it’s mindless and running straight at you, not too hard to aim at because he’s going in a straight line in your direction. What you will need is lots of people, with lots of guns. These zombies die like any other person, so it’s going to be like someone unleashed millions of large rabid dogs. They’re not too dangerous, unless you’re outnumbered by too many to aim at and shoot. Same would go for regular zombies, but they require very precise headshots and can shamble around for ever, making them infinitely harder to kill.

In conclusion

Infected individuals aren’t the hardest zombies to kill, but make sure you don’t get outnumbered or put in a position where you have to run away.

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Written by Frank

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