Zombie proofing your kids

Today we teach you about Zombie proofing your kids! In your haste to become the baddest zombie badass on the face of your planet you forget that you have kids. That’s right. Rugrats, ankle biters, shorties, or whatever you call them. They will have to be able to survive the same things you do. So there is no time like the present to get them involved in some basic being prepared. We aren’t talking about building a fallout shelter in the back of your house, and stock the roof full of cans. We are talking about basic getting them ready for a crises at the drop of a hat without knowing that they are doing it. You want them to be happy. After all, they will need some happy memories on the road. We just want them to be able to take care of themselves and get to a safe point until we can reach them, or carry one taking care of little susie or davion in case something happens.

Now you could go all helter skelter on them with the prep, and the fire and brimstone, but when has that ever worked out? The less damaging way would be to start them off on small things by just making it part of their everyday lives through integration. Get them involved in zombie walks, and making bug out bags. Take them camping. Basically you are spending time with them. You are not only building up their ability to take care of themselves you are gaining your trust. No one wants to be asked 6000 questions in the middle of a crises. If they can see that you got this, than they will know that they got this too.

Treat getting prepared like it’s just another thing. Fema, Center for Disease Control, and many other government entities tell you to get ready for basic crises. If you make them part of the decision making process than you will empower them to take control of things when the time comes. Get them cleaning, a paper route, or whatever that teaches them responsibility. Give them a preparedness task and let them run it. Even if it’s something small like grabbing their little brother’s beinke from the next room that has a gps locater in it, so that you can find them later. Get them accustomed to getting to safety. Go over a fire drill. Tell them about stop drop and roll and stranger danger. These are basic things that will keep them from harm when the time comes. It’s a lot easier for Timmy to know that he needs to grab his sister, and to meet you in a designated area than sending them smoke messages across a ravine because you didn’t plan ahead.

Remember it’s all in the delivery. I am a big proponent that you can tell anyone anything as long you say it the right way. If you are not hysterical they will not be hysterical. Do not scare the bejesus out of your kids, that implies that the bejesus are already scared out of you. Kids are young, ut they are able to pick up on emotions very well. If you are calm then even though they are scared they will follow your lead. Look at it this way. If you were talking to your doctor who is an authority on whatever the eff he’s an authority on, and he is freaking out about a paper cut on your left toe. Aren’t you going to be worried? The same with kids. Don’t be that authority that is freaking out. There will be enough that scares them and you when the time comes, I assure you.
Practice what you preach. If they see you getting ready and learning things they will be ready and want to learn things. Don’t tell them that they need to be in shape, and you get winded going up stairs. Don’t tell them that they shouldn’t be afraid of zombies, and freak out the moment someone in costume walks down the street. They pay more attention to what you do than you do, and will follow by example. be what it is that you want them to aspire to. If being a zombie fighting badass is what you want them to eventually become than dammit be that badass!

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Written by Sheena