Zombie Cruise (A Short Story)

Poor Brenda Lawson. She’s just trying to have a good time on her cruise, do a little partying, and forget her problems. After a night of drinking and dancing, we find her trying to sleep it off when a little girl shows up in her room looking for someone to help her mother, who is very sick. Mommy doesn’t have food poisoning from the iffy shrimp cocktail at the buffet. Like the majority of the passengers on the ship, she’s somehow infected with the zombie virus. Now Brenda has to navigate her way through the massive cruise liner and get to a lifeboat while staying clear of the undead and protecting the little girl.

Janiera Eldridge did a great job of making me enjoy her short story. I rarely bother with them and strongly prefer full novels, but this one had just enough meat for me to sink my claws into it. The story is simple, but good, and the author’s writing straddles the line between letting the reader know what is happening and being pointlessly gory very well, which isn’t easy. If I had one small complaint it would be that it could have used a little more editing. There are some obvious mistakes, but it’s not an unreadable mess like some of the stuff that Amazon is allowing on their site. Overall, Zombie Cruise was very good and I look forward to more stories in the Zombie Vacations serial series, which feature “relaxing vacations that quickly turn into zombie hells!”

Check out the book trailer, which had me doing the “Beavis and Butthead sing-along” inside of a few seconds. Da da da du du!

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