Zombie Blood Is Highly Infectious

Zombie Blood Is Highly Infectious

Take a second to inspect your body, because zombie blood is highly infectious! How many tiny cuts and scrapes or little rips on your cuticles did you find? I bet at least a few you didn’t realize were there. Now imagine your fighting for your life against a zombie or two and you manage to kill them. The blood gets everywhere. All over your hands and arms. All over those little cut and scrapes. Or perhaps some splashes in your eye. You’d be done, infected. That’s logical to agree, right? So why is it that in nearly every zombie film, or now show, I see survivors being splattered in infected blood and disregarding it completely.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll give some credit. In The Walking Dead, Rick makes note to avoid getting blood in their mouths. However the same show, in a later season, shows the character of Michonne get covered in blood and guts, that spill all over a recently acquired gun shot wound. Even if you can disregard what I’ve already mentioned, it’s impossible to believe that wound wouldn’t provide a perfect opening for the virus to enter the blood stream.

One example that does take these details into regard is that from 28 Days Later, when Frank gets a drop of blood in his eye and changes almost instantly.

The fact would be that a large amount of people would be infected in this manner. I understand the need for creative liberty when telling a story, but if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse you have to think logically. Zombie blood is highly infectious and should be treated that way.

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