Why you’re safer with the dead


Now this title might come on a little strange to most of you, but believe me, it’s nothing but true. It’s about one of the places that gives you a great chance of survival during the apocalypse. The graveyard!

I know in the classic zombie movies, the undead rise from their graves. This is probably why people won’t go to a graveyard during the apocalypse. But to be honest, something in a decaying state could never get out of a coffin, let alone dig away all that dirt. A live person can’t even do that! Besides, the ones dead already don’t turn..

So, what does a graveyard provide us with? Well as mentioned above, nobody would go there, because well, it’s a graveyard. Second, most graveyards have a thick wall surrounding them, or at least bushes and a cast iron fence. Though the wall is preferable, because you can’t be seen through it. Having a bunch of walkers clawing through your fence all the time would be rather distracting, plus more and more will come, so get one with a big wall! You can build plateaus to stand on to look over the wall in case you need to know what’s happening on the outside. Or to distract walkers so others can get out to scavenge.

There will also be just one, maybe two entrances. All should have a proper gate. This will be a problem because of the size of these gates, so you’re going to have to fortify this and make it smaller. This covers all defense, you have walls, gates and a controlable entrance. Now the surroundings, you have to pick a graveyard that has some woods around it, or fields. Because having one in the middle of a city will suck a lot. It would leave you vulnerable, surrounded and a target for looters.

The things we can find on a graveyard, are amazing! First there’s the maintenance shed, full of gardening tools. These can be used as weapons, or for farming. Most cemetaries also have a crematorium attached, these provide a central building to live in, storage room and a furnace to get rid of infected bodies. Now this might go a little far, but gravestones can be used to fortify walls, block entrances or even build a watch tower, a small house (in case there is no crematorium) or any other stone item.

cemetery2Then there’s the ground. It’s filled with bodies, so very furtilised and ready to plant crops. Because the whole place is walled, you can scout out for livestock and keep them there, turn the whole thing into a big walled farm. Most graveyards also have trees on them, these can be cut to make sheds, fire wood, spears and any other thing imaginable. To designate land for certain purposes, graveyards already have paths, these can be used to walk and separate you village from your farms.

Essentialy, a medium sized graveyard is just a fortified farm, waiting to be used. So for a plan to go there, you would have to prepare the following. Make sure you have weapons, enough food for a few months, clean water, devices to capture water and meterials like screws, rope, nails and hammers.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, all you have to do is meet your friends there with all your gear and barricade the shit out of that graveyard. Then search it a couple of times to make sure no infected individuals got in there and you’re set up. You can start your small farming village there and be self sustaining.

So, go scout around for a well defendable graveyard!

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