Why you should pick-pocket zombies

Kill them for good first though, otherwise you might be putting yourself in additional risk. So why would you pickpocket zombies? Useful items of course! All of these zombies were people and at some point they probably tried to survive the zombie apocalypse. Meaning they will have relied on items to defend themselves, or maybe even feed and transport themselves. A lot of these items, or essential parts of items, are probably still on the zombie.

So, how to spot a zombie with pickpocket potential?

  • Location
    As with buying a house, location is key. Speaking of keys, that’s one thing zombies milling about in a garage or parking lot might have on them! They were probably on their way to the very car they planned on escaping in, only to be overrun. Now that the dust has settled, this zombie is still walking around the place he turned, with those precious car keys still in his pockets. Or how about zombies walking around a gun store? Maybe the store is robbed empty, but a few zombies around there might still conceal carry.
  • Clothing
    This one is important, because it can tell you what they were doing, their job and perhaps the sort of items that come with that job. Lets take the parking lot zombie as an example, if you see a zombie wearing expensive clothing, good chance he has keys that remotely unlock a proper car. Or spotting a a zombie wearing outdoor clothing, with a backpack still strapped to his back, will probably be a goldmine for survival supplies. There is a nuance in this, spotting lets say a nurse turned zombie, she probably wont have her pockets lined with antibiotics. A cop turned zombie on the other hand, probably has some useful items on him.

Now that we’ve determined the two main things to look out for when pick-pocketing zombies… What items should we expect to find? I’ve made a list of the top ten USEFUL items you might find.

  1. Guns and ammo. Especially in the gun friendly states, you’re very likely to find guns. They might not be on the zombie, because he probably had it in his hands when he went down. So look for corpses, there might be a gun nearby.
  2. Car keys. A good number two, might have just been number one, it was a very close call. But a lot of zombies will have car keys on them. Try out the remote and see if it’s your lucky day.
  3. Knives. A lot of people carry a Swiss army knife, or another kind of blade.
  4. Cellphones. Contrary to popular belief, due to the reliability and autonomy of most modern power grids, there will probably still be electricity and cellphone reception a few weeks into the apocalypse. So having a cellphone might keep you connected to find help, call family or friends, or even 911 in case some humans build safe places. Or, and this might be a crazy idea. Just gathering cellphones with battery power left to use as a flashlight, or play sounds to distract zombies? Put them somewhere, call the phone to distract zombies and make a run for it? Pretty useful to find…
  5. Clothing. You might want to avoid the really messy ones, but stumbling upon a fallen soldier might be a blessing. Mostly because they wear clothing made for combat, unlike your Nike’s and denims, both who are not suited for combat situations.
  6. Survival gear. You’re bound to run into a prepper gone zombie. Probably a fat one, with an expensive backpack they were unable to get to safety. Mostly because they forget rule number one… Cardio. Their backpack with rations, water, medicine, rope and other survival items is now yours!
  7. Cigarettes. Now yes I just mentioned rule number one is cardio. But finding these might be a blessing. You can trade them with other survivors desperately looking for their nicotine fix. Or of course, if you’re a smoker, a few minutes on a rooftop while looking out over a city in chaos as you get high on that first smoke of the apocalypse…
  8. Fire-starters. Coming across a former smoker probably means he or she has fire on them. Finding a working lighter in a survival situation is like winning a jackpot in Vegas.
  9. Key-cards. Now these really depend on what area you’re in, but they can sure help out. Need access to that secure bank vault? Or maybe your police station is overrun, but the armory still has useful items? Or perhaps you want that firetruck to make your escape? Looking for former government personnel, or for that zombie with the t-shirt identifying him as a local gun-shop employee, might pay off with a key-card to very secure or useful locations.
  10. Bottled water and food. A lot of people will panic and grab a bag with some food, water and a picture of their family. Then they get bitten and turn into a zombie. Meaning there will be a bunch of soccer mom zombies milling about, with a nice bottle of vitamin water and a protein bar in their purse.

Do you have any suggestions for this list? Or maybe enough items to make your own list? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Frank

Dutch guy living in Finland. Founded Zombie Guide Magazine in 2012 as a hobby project.. Which is still is to this day. Besides writing, my passions are fitness, the outdoors and good food.