Why The United States of America would Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

It’s about time, isn’t it? In our latest installment of why a country would survive the zombie apocalypse, Why The United States of America would Survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

1. Guns

Okay let’s get started on reason number one, the USA has between 200 and 250 million guns in private hands. That doesn’t even include the military! They’ll just shoot the zombies and that’s basically the end of it. No matter how bad of a picture The Walking Dead creates about what would happen, with so many guns, you’re bound to find enough to keep on defending yourselves from zombies and humans alike.

2. They know what’s happening

The one thing that always bugs me about zombie movies, is how surprised people are when everyone around them turns into zombies. That’s not what’s going to happen in real life.. With all the zombie movies, games and other related content out there like Zombie Guide Magazine, people will know exactly what’s happening. They’ll also know exactly where to aim and I personally think this whole matter will be resolved in a few days.

3. Preppers

The largest prepping communities reside in the US, not to mention the amount of money and other resources people poor into prepping. Right now California has a booming industry of rich preppers ordering underground bunkers. An entire new economy has risen from the dead over the past years for custom built bunkers that allow people to live comfortably underground, in either their back yard or separate property while the world goes to shit above their heads.

4. The US Military

Marines, the National Guard, Air-force, Navy and any other part of the US Military is so well funded and well equipped they’d be able to keep on fighting long after the world has gone to shit. Aircraft carriers and waterborne battle-groups can sustain themselves on open waters for years on end. Even if the nation gets completely overrun, there will be floating cities comprised of large fleets sustaining themselves, planning to retake their homeland.

5. Big vehicles

This one might surprise you, but given the amount of tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks and just sheer number of really heavy vehicles around the US, they’d all just run zombies over. Coal rolling F150’s and tanks would just squash the shambling mushy hoards for fun. In the country that made a hobby out of collecting all the available oil in the world for personal use, they’d keep on going forever. Tank commanders wouldn’t have enough space on their tanks to mark all the kills they’ve made.


Okay here’s a bonus… Football players! Poor zombies trying to bite through helmets and shoulder pads while your favorite teams runs through them crushing skulls for fun! Now that would be a sport I’d watch “Zombies vs Football Players”

I hope you enjoy these humorous little pieces detailing why your country would survive. If yours hasn’t been featured yet, let me know.

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