Why The Netherlands will survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Why The Netherlands will survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

In this next installment of our “Why <insert country> will survive the zombie apocalypse, it’s my own home, The Netherlands. In this series we find 5 reasons any country could survive the zombie apocalypse.

1. Bicycles

When all the feet in the world are tired and blistered, cars out of fuel and Elon Musk Mobiles out of electricity, the Dutch will just bike away at a leisurely pace, still keeping well ahead of the undead hordes. No need to go near congested highways filled with stalled cars and desperate, volatile people trying to survive. Nope, just a relaxing bike ride.

Why The Netherlands will survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

2. Water & boats

Two-thirds of this country is below sea level, of course this will cause most of it to flood when the pumps stop working or maintenance isn’t carried out anymore. It will however create a bunch of islands again, that used to be islands before the dredging. This will also get rid of most major highways and cities, automatically cleaning them of diseases and zombies. All ready to be sailed again.

The Port of Rotterdam is currently the biggest port in Europe and the sixth biggest in the world. For a country this small, that’s pretty huge. Since this country has so much water and a rich history in boating culture there will be plenty of ships and boats around. Even without The Netherlands flooding, all the waterways are properly connected, the operation of locks might be disrupted a bit and will have to be done on the spot by leaving your boat. Though after everything is flooded, you can sail everywhere. A lot of people will actually be able to just load their belongings onto the boat next to their house and leave.. Heck, a lot of people here already live on a boat, they just have to move away from shore a bit.

Why The Netherlands will survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

3. Vestibule cities

All over the country you can find old vestibule cities and even castles. Though they’re tourist hot-spots now and the ancient defensive structures are only for decoration. Make no mistake about the usefulness of plenty of walled cities, ready and waiting for a zombie apocalypse. The relevance of these walls might have faded when large siege-weapons came into play, but against the shambling mushy mashes these provide plenty of protection.

Why The Netherlands will survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

4. Dykes and sound walls

This country is filled with dykes to keep water out, but to also segregate parts into compartments. All these grass overgrown dirt walls might actually be too steep for a zombie to climb. I imagine putting just an extra fence on it to keep them out completely. Besides the dykes, there’s sound walls everywhere, basically large decorated walls to shield off cities/neighborhoods from excess sound. These will be excellent in keeping the hordes locked up on the highway and out of the cities.

netherlands cars zombies

5. The northern islands & Zeeland

There’s a province called Zeeland in the south-west here that has the lowest population in the entire country and consists mostly of a few large islands. I imagine these will become the New Netherlands after the apocalypse and won’t be so sparsely populated then. The same goes for our northern islands, between all of these many people will die before reaching them, but they have the potential of being large safe havens. Complete with farm land, a town and then of course a busy port.


Now unfortunately I personally live in a large bathtub in the middle of the country. Few main roads going in and out to high ground, so my best bet are the small canals. Saving up for a proper boat and dock would be even better of course. So what country should be next? If you have a suggestion, let me know at [email protected]

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