Why Israel will survive the zombie apocalypse

Our “countries that will survive a zombie apocalypse” list is gaining a lot of popularity. So to keep riding this wave of awesomeness, we’re gonna keep on going strong with our third country on the list. After Russia and Finland, it’s now Israel’s turn to survive the zombie apocalypse! And remember, these lists are fun and a little satirical…Why Israel will survive the zombie apocalypse!


People carry guns – The firearm regulations in Israel allow a lot of people to carry a firearm. Even in schools and other public places it’s okay to carry firearms. This gives the people of Israel a good fighting chance in any scenario. See a zombie shambling around your synagogue? No need to wait for police, or to run away. Not even the need to grab a stick and try to poke it back into the ground. Just shoot it!

They build walls – Maybe not as insanely big as the one seen in World War Z, but to defend it’s borders and several inner city limits, the Israeli’s build some damn good walls. And as we all know, zombies can’t climb walls. Sooooo….. Pretty good move!

Military experience – With the military draft heavily embedded in their culture, almost any man and woman over 18 years old can fight. Combine this with the accessibility of firearms and carry laws and you have a population that can defend themselves against the undead masses.


Mountains – The country is filled with hills and mountains, these all make great natural obstacles against the undead. Imagine sitting on a hill top with your Tavor, eating some hummus and plinking off zombies trying to shamble up a hill side. All in all some good old fashioned Sunday family fun!


Location – To the east and south there is sand, lots of sand and hills. Good luck making that trip you shambling undead dummies. To the west there is water, of course an awesome way to escape if things do go south. And zombies can’t swim, so they got their back covered. To the north is Lebanon, but we suspect they’ll be busy dealing with zombies slowly moving in from Damascus.

Okay that concludes our third country on the list, hope you guys enjoy these! Do you have a suggestion for a country that will survive the zombie apocalypse? Let us know at [email protected]

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Written by Frank

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