Why India will survive the zombie apocalypse

Why India will survive the zombie apocalypse

Continuing our somewhat humorously serious articles, on why certain countries are sure to survive the zombie apocalypse, today we’ll be looking at India. Why India will survive the zombie apocalypse and what will be it’s unique strengths in fighting the undead hordes?

India’s Military

With over 1.4 million active personnel, it is the world’s second-largest military force and has the world’s largest volunteer army. It has also the fourth-largest defense budget in the world. Not to mention it’s vast history during the ages of combat. India has both the manpower and experience to combat any threat the undead may pose.

India's Military
Jammu and Kashmir, Jan 26 (ANI): Army Jawans patrolling near the snow-covered border on the occasion of 71st Republic Day in Kupwara on Sunday. (ANI Photo)

Bollywood Zombie Movies

The large and booming Bollywood movie industry has spread it’s fair share of undead movies shambling out of production. With titles as Rise Of The Zombie, a 2013 Hindi Horror film. Or Rock the Shaadi (Rock the Wedding). The Indian population will know exactly what to do when the undead rise.

Bollywood Zombie Movies


India’s vast mountains spanning many thousands of both feet and meters high, there will always be places to hide where zombies cannot reach. Given a zombies ability to stiffly shamble around a bit and little problem solving abilities, evading zombies by simply building mountain outposts will be a breeze. For many Indians already living in mountainous regions, the adjustment to the new zombie threat will be very minimal if any.

Mountains india

Alternative Transportation

While the rest of the world seems to rely mostly on large cars that get stuck on the tiniest imperfection on a perfect asphalt road, Indians are already accustomed to many different types of transport. Where most Western traffic would get stuck the second people pack up all their useless crap in and on their sedans and pickups, Indians will just continue as they always have. Packing anything possible on any type of motorized or animal transport and buzzing through crowded traffic like nothing happened. Maybe “dodge the zombie” will be a fun traffic game.

Alternative Transportation


India has the largest number of vegetarians in the world. Now this is good for two reasons.. One, maybe their zombies won’t even like meat. Two, the survivors will already be accustomed to a plant based diet as meat and fish will become a scarce commodity when world hunger sets in and people all over the world start hunting and gathering whatever they can find. Not to mention all the animals inevitably eaten by the undead hordes.

Vegetarians india

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