Why Finland will survive the zombie apocalypse

Okay I’ll let you use Google to find this country on the map first… Good welcome back! A while ago we did an article on Why Russia will survive the zombie apocalypse. So now it’s time for a new country. The fact that they’re neighbors is a complete coincidence btw.


They have good shooters – Simo Häyhä has the highest confirmed kill count for any shooter in modern day conflict. With over 500 confirmed kills, this country produces good shooters. So to say, if they can plink human targets like this, a bunch of slow shambling zombies won’t be a problem.

Many islands to hide on – With over 180.000  islands and about as much lakes, there’s plenty of places to start a life without zombies. Because as we know, zombies aren’t good at swimming. And with this many islands, chances of having to live with survivors you don’t care for are minimal. Don’t like the group you’re with? Just pick another island to settle on.


Everyone has a cabin in the woods – Almost everyone, or at least their families, has a cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And as we all know, the middle of nowhere is usually a place where no people and/or zombies travel. Hopping islands, crossing vast forests and rivers, just isn’t a zombies cup of tea. They’d rather hang out at the mall with the cool zombies and attack idiots who travel to zombie infested cities.

They wont open their door anyway –
The people in Finland are very private. If they’re not expecting visitors and you ring their doorbell, there’s a big chance they’ll pretend nobody is home until you go away. So zombies trying a house to house tactic of banging on windows and doors are in for nothing. If they continue to bang on the doors and windows, a very angry person will open the door and bash their skull in. Ending the zombie’s short existence.

Zombies will just freeze – With long winters and cold temperatures, zombies will stand no chance. Their blood and flesh will turn into ice, leaving them standing as frozen statues. They’ll be turned into zombie snow cones and can be used as a disgusting pinata by the locals of whatever settlement the zombie tried to shamble into.

In conclusion, Finland has vast open spaces, islands and remote cabins to hide during the zombie apocalypse. Combine this with a relatively large military and low head count for their population, this country makes for an excellent zombie apocalypse hideout!

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