Why Australia will survive the zombie apocalypse

After Israel, Russia and Finland, it’s now Australia’s turn to survive the zombie apocalypse! And remember, these lists are fun and a little satirical… So if you don’t like the country we’re discussing, don’t get all anal about it. Just e-mail us your suggestion for a country instead! So enough jibber jabbering, let’s begin.

Vast open wilderness – When you look at the world map, Australia seems a lot smaller than it actually is. But don’t be fooled, the country is around the same size as the US. Since most of it’s cities are located on the coast, you’ll find vast open wilderness when traveling inland. I just checked the map again and apart from the cities bordering the ocean, it’s a lot of sand and a few villages. These are so remote you need an airplane to get there! So bonus points there, those cities would be almost impossible to reach as a slow shuffling zombie.


They’re used to things trying to kill them – This might not come as a surprise at all. With spiders raining from the sky, buffed up inmate lookalike kangaroos, dry spells, snakes and whatever the hell other evil spawn plagues this massive island, they’re probably all worse than slow shuffling zombies. I mean, snakes eating crocodiles must be worse than a zombie who’s up front about his intentions. I imagine a zombie shuffling up to some Australian rancher, only to be greeted by a short “Fuck off mate”, before being smashed with a shovel.

Australia has 8000 islands – Besides being a giant island itself, Australia has around 8000 islands surrounding it’s coast. So in case you’re surviving on mainland Australia, but don’t seem to get along with the others, you can always claim your piece of paradise elsewhere. Just look out for sharks while you’re going there, a boat might be wise.


Only 20 million citizens – During a zombie apocalypse, this is your dream scenario. A country with a hostile climate and wildlife, all people basically live in coastal cities that are surrounded with rocks, sand and hostility in all directions. If you make it out of the cities and in to the wild, it might be weeks between any zombie you encounter. Lets say 10 million turn in to zombies and the rest gets away, they’ll have nothing to fear once the dead start going their own way. Endlessly roaming the vast outback, running in to the occasional kangaroo. Who will probably jump up and face kick them in to their final grave.


An endless food supply – Just over 20 million people on this entire continent and over 150 million sheep! Not only that, there are countless camels, kangaroos and other animals roaming around. With a zombie apocalypse in full swing and no wildlife control operational, these animals will multiply and re-take the land in no time. Meaning hunting for food will only become easier for the survivors.

Given all the information here, unless the apocalypse starts in a major Australian city, I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire continent is spared. I mean, it’s an island. So if they keep their ports closed and walk around with a spike to kill anyone again right after they’ve passed, I think this will be one of the last paradises on earth after the apocalypse.

Okay that concludes our fourth country on the list, hope you guys enjoy these! Do you have a suggestion for a country that will survive the zombie apocalypse? Let us know at [email protected]

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