Whisperers 101

Understanding The Walking Dead’s Latest Enemy

Whisperers 101

A little talk, Whisperers 101: So, we are going to be talking about the latest enemy known to us as The Whisperers. The Whisperers have proven they are quite the foes to our heroes in Alexandria. But, we know so little about them. And, everyone knows the first rule of battle is to know thy enemy.

The Whisperers is a primitive society that views themselves more as animals than humans. The group has a pack hierarchy similar to that of wolves or lions. They believe that if you kill the leader, you become the leader. To farther drive this mentality, names are not commonly used among the members since this creates a human identity. They are seen as a nomadic group in the comics, though they do tend to congregate in one general region rather than in a solid brick and mortar town. Despite this, they are very territorial and will kill anyone who enters their turf. It is unknown how many members there are in The Whisperers, but, there is a rough estimate that puts them at around 150 people. They survive by using bladed weapons and bows, but there real claim to fame is being about to weaponize Walkers. They can do so by entering the herds undetected by wearing suits and masks made from Walker’s skin. 

It is unknown as to when the group was formed, but we do know that the first leader was named Ken. Ken formed the group with the help of his friend Marco. Marco thought the walkers were whispering to him and Ken kind of ran with this concept and called there new society The Whisperers. During Ken’s reign, not much is known about the group. It wasn’t until he disappeared and Alpha took over did the group take center stage in the Walking Dead universe. When Ken went missing, Marco and a couple of Whisperers went searching for him. Instead of finding Ken The Whisperers found a group of people from Hilltop. Thinking the were transpassing on there territory they attacked the Hilltop people. This is how our story begins with The Whisperers. The rest of The Whisperers’ storyline can be found in the comics starting at Issue #130, or you can wait for the season premiere on Feb 23rd.

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