Where NOT to go during the outbreak


There are lots places people should go during a zombie apocalypse and I’m very confident most of you have a plan ready that outlines where you’d go. But do you have a list of places you absolutely shouldn’t go? I know I don’t, so let’s write one right now.


First place that comes to mind is any store that sells anything really. Watching the recent presidential campaigns and election process unfold (from far away), I say people will loot and riot like there is no tomorrow. As far as they’re concerned there probably won’t be a tomorrow, they’ll all be starring in that movie where zombies take over a mall. What’s basically going to happen in malls and shopping districts in general is this: Total chaos because people want free televisions (who needs medicine right?).. Then someone gets infected, or several people arrive while infected and hell breaks loose even further. People will fight, fall over each other, run in panic and zombies will come from every corner. Depending on transition time, the place will either be filled with soon to be zombies, or they’ll all be up and shambling right away. Either option is bad, get all your stuff before SHTF. And can you imagine runners in a mall with people?!

Main Roads

Any main road is a bad idea. People will be trying to go everywhere and anywhere, there will be no logic to traffic streams. I don’t believe people will drive in the same directions as they normally do, because they’ll all have different ideas on what needs to happen next. Some will try to drive to their kid’s school, home, to their family, CDC center, Army/Navy whatever extraction point, their summer house, a cabin, the woods, stores, church and well you get the point. People will try to go everywhere all at the same time with their biggest and best vehicles. Everyone who has a trailer will have it on their car, people with campers take those, others will take their boat, motorcycles, private aircraft or homemade chopper. Expect everything to try and travel anywhere all at the same time. So get off the roads as soon as possible. They’ll get jammed up and you’ll get nowhere. Waiting isn’t an option either, because after this all roads are just blocked. Seriously the safest place during the initial outbreak is probably a boat that can go on open water (large lakes, ocean close to shore).


I’ll just insert the first episode of The Walking Dead here. But for those who prefer reading: This is where people will go when they develop symptoms. I expect hospitals will be closed down by armed forced pretty quickly as soon as people turn into zombies. They’ll probably be the first places to go down. Or not of course, everyone these days knows what zombies are and how to handle them. I for sure know a nurse who’d have fun at work getting rid of zombies… You know who you are 😉 That being said, you have no reason to go there during the initial outbreak unless they have a “cure” there. Most likely it will just be the first place where everyone dies or turns.

Churches (sometimes)

This place will be filled with people trying to make amends for their whole lives in five minutes. These people aren’t the problem. It’s the infected people who believe going to church will heal them right there on the spot. Or parents bringing in their kid who’s about to turn, or will turn while they’re going there. Besides that they’re just death traps. The only useable items inside are water, wine and candles. You can get those elsewhere before the apocalypse starts. There’s a BUT to the church thing though.. If your church happens to be a well defendable place, with maybe a cemetery, fence/wall and proper tower to shoot from and keep watch, it might not be a bad place to go. These will mostly be in rural farming towns where people probably won’t panic right away anyway. Also going out on a limb here to assume these places have farms and guns around… So okay, don’t go to churches in populated areas, rural areas you might give a go.


During the initial outbreak, that may vary in duration from a day to maybe even a week, there will be chaos everywhere. Make sure you have a plan together before this day comes, it will serve you better than improvising all the way. Avoid locations where everyone will go AND the routes they take to get there.

So, what other places do you think we should avoid? I’m sure you can come up with places I hadn’t thought of yet!

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