What We Become: Ends With A Major Plot-Altering Event

What We Become: Ends With A Major Plot-Altering Event
Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/AMC

This article contains spoilers! Readers discretion is advised! What We Become: Ends With A Major Plot-Altering Event

Season ten will never be the same after last night’s episode. This week we focus on Michonne’s quest with Virgil. It begins with her flashing back to season three when she saved Andrea. If you don’t remember, let me refresh your mind. In the last five minutes of the season two finale, Hershel’s Farm caught fire after becoming overrun with walkers. This forced everyone to flee in various directions. Andrea, unfortunately, ran into the woods with a group of walkers after her. Michonne seeing her in distress rushes over to rescue her at the last second. After the opening theme, we return to the present where she is unhandcuffing Virgil from the boat. Virgil begins to lead her to the village, which is inland. Along the way, they stop at an herb garden began by his wife. Michonne complains that they need to hurry because Alexandria needs her. They arrive, and the camp is strangely empty. This immediately gives her a bad feeling. She pulls out her sword to begin questioning Virgil about where are his people. Virgil reveals that, like the camp, his family is dead. 

Michonne is furious about learning this! Michonne goes to stomp off when Virgil tells her the real reason he needed her. He needs her to clear out the walkers from the annex where his family is currently at. Michonne reluctantly agrees, demanding they get the weapons after she does this for him. She enters the annex with him going room by room, killing every walker. They get to one room and it has a dozen people hanging from the ceiling in what appears to be from a mass suicide event. One of the hanging victims is Virgil’s wife.

We return to the graves as Virgil puts flowers on his wife’s burial plot. He is very thankful Michonne did this for him. Michonne demands he keeps up his end of the deal by giving up the weapons. He agrees to do so in the morning when the tide isn’t low. In the middle of the night, she becomes restless. She decides to search for the weapons herself. She begins by looking through the old lad that Virgil told her it was unsafe. While searching she hears whispering from one of the rooms. She goes to investigate when Virgil locks her in a prison-like room by herself. When she wakes up in the morning she finds her sword is gone. She begins pounding on the door when a wall on the opposite side of the wall scolds her. Michonne questions the survivors in the other cell about possible escape plans. Jeremiah says the whole building is booby-trapped, so there’s no way to escape. He says that he and the blonde woman named Celeste were researchers who worked with Virgil on the island. The other woman, Lucy, was their lab assistant. Celeste tells her they often took in survivors who came across their island. Eventually, supplies started running low, causing fights among the people. It came to a head one night when someone killed a newcomer starting a massive brawl in the annex. Virgil arrived and ordered the doors to be locked. Unfortunately, he trapped his wife and killed inside it. This lead to him having a nervous breakdown which resulted in him locking the others up for their safety in the lab. They encourage Michonne to eat and get some rest, to which she does. Virgil arrives a few hours later. Michonne is ready for a fight. Before she can make her move she begins having a bizarre psychedelic trip. Virgil tells her that there was jimsonweed in her tea. He said he drugged her because he is trying to help her. During her trip is reflects on her guilt about Siddiq’s death, the season three walker pets, and the hitchhiker Rick left to die in season three. Then she is then plunged into an alternate universe where she teams up with Negan and becomes his right-hand Savior during the events of season seven. She is shot through the chest with an arrow by Daryl before being shot in the head by Rick. This jerks her back to reality. She begins throwing up in a bucket. Virgil enters, handing her a glass of water. While drinking it Michonne slowly grabs the fork from her tray without drawing Virgil’s attention. In one swift move, she stabs him in the leg. The two were fighting, causing Virgil to flee. Michonne goes to chase him down, but not before releasing the trapped researchers. They run to the shore, but it is too late. Virgil has set the only boat on the island on fire, trapping them. They then hunt him down. Michonne reaches him first pinning him down while holding a blade to his throat. He says his plan this entire time was for her to talk the researchers down from killing him. He begs for forgiveness, which they don’t want to hear. They ask Michonne to kill him or move. Realizing he is truly sorry for his actions she does talk them down, but not before Lucy knocks him out. They agree to lock him in the cell to decide what to do with him.

The next day Michonne visits Virgil. She said that she looked in every building on the island and didn’t find a single weapon. He said there are some in a secret location. He takes her to a broken down boat just off the coast filled with goodies. He said she can have whatever she wants to pay his debt back to Oceanside. While searching the goods Michonne makes a huge discovery, Rick’s boots. She grabs up Virgil, demanding to know where they came from. He said they just washed up on shore one day. Michonne handcuffs him to a pole as she searches the captain cabin of the boat. She finds an etching on a phone of her and Judith, signed by Rick. At this point, Virgil realizes the etching id of her. Michonne begins violently interrogating him over what he knew about the phone art. He said he has no idea what’s going on and everything was already on the boat when he found it. After a few minutes, she realizes he is being truthful. After this, the researchers get the boat in working order. They plan to set sail and return home. Michonne asks Virgil if he would like to tag along. He refuses because he promised his wife he would give her flowers every day.

While out sailing Michonne calls Judith on the walkie talkie. Judith asks if she is still with Virgil. She said no, but she’s helping three people from the island get home. After talking to RJ and Judith for a little Judith tells her they took out most of Alpha’s horde and the Whisperers are no longer an issue to them. Michonne tells her about the picture she found. Judith tells her if you think Rick is alive, then go and find him. After weighing the pros and cons she decides to head north to find him. We then flashback to season three when she arrived at the prison gates, while she in the present-day help a couple of survivors try to catch up to a moving caravan of covered wagons. So far, I have to say this was the best character send-off to date. 

Thank you Danai Gurira for a wonderful performance as Michonne and you will be truly missed by me and your other loyal fans. I wish you much success on the big screen.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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