What To Expect in Season 10B

What To Expect in Season 10B

Alright, Deadholics it’s almost time for the second half of season ten to premiere, and I couldn’t be more excited! With rumors of major deaths floating around this season, it’s defiantly going to be the darkest season yet. After watching the latest trailer I’m left to stew with more questions than answers. These are the highlights I feel that are going to be this season’s biggest moments. What To Expect in Season 10B:

Alpha’s Herd

The mid-season break ended on such a huge cliffhanger. Our heroes got a huge tip over where Alpha’s herd was located. When they arrive they found an empty field. Instead of continuing their search for the herd, Daryl decides to look for Lydia instead. While searching, Carol spots Alpha and starts chasing after her, with Daryl, Jerry, Aaron, Connie, and Kelly at the toe. They follow Alpha into a cave, which turns out to be a trap. The group then finds themselves surrounded by thousands of Walkers, with no hope of an easy escape.

The Island

Another major cliffhanger from the season is Michonne and a guy named Virgil. We meet him when Michonne visits Oceanside to investigate a rash of theft they think is being caused by The Whisperers. Virgil gets caught trying to steal a boat and is captured by Judith and Michonne. When he comes to he tells Michonne he is from a Bloodsworth Island in Tangier Sound. They were short on supplies and he ventured out to get them for the community. He just needed a boat to get back. Michonne decides to join him in hopes of forming a partnership. Is he telling the truth, or is this a trap?

The King’s Cancer

In episode 5 King Ezekiel reveals a huge secret to Siddiq, while Siddiq was giving medical care to those who were involved in the tree tipping incident at Hilltop. The secret was he has thyroid cancer and was hiding a huge tumor under a scarf. He is afraid to tell anyone about it because he knows this is a death sentence in a society without modern medicine. He even said that not even Carol knows about it. It seems after Henry’s death the two split up with Ezekiel taking his people to Hilltop, while Carol goes away on a fishing boat. With talks of many major characters death, could his be one of them?

Who is Eugene Talking To?

In episode 6 Eugene increases the strength of the HAM radio using the pieces of a broken satellite. He decides to reach out and find more communities to increase trade with. While sending out a blanket message he meets an unnamed woman. They spent hours talking to each other to form a relationship. Eugene tries to get her to say her location, but she refuses to tell him, not knowing if he is a risk to her people. They do, however, agree to keep up regular communication to get to know each other better. Rumor has it that it’s The Community he is talking to, but no one knows for sure. Guess, we’ll see if she gives any more information in the upcoming episodes.

The Big Kiss

While on the topic of Eugene, we can’t help but talk about the possible romance blossoming between him and Rosita. They are still good friends after all this time. He has also proven he is a great caregiver to Coco. With Siddiq dead and her and Father Gabriel appearing to be broken up, this is his perfect shot to get in with her. This possibly looks even better, as the two are seen kissing in the trailer. Also, in his favor, the two become a couple in the comic book series. If they do start dating, what could this mean for the unnamed radio girl he is in talks with.

Is Negan Up To Something?

Also in episode 6, we learn that Negan has joined forces with The Whisperers. But, why? Negan is not the kind of guy to be a follower instead of a leader. So, it makes you wonder what is his true plan is? Who side is he on? I feel like he is trying to take out Alpha to become the new leader of The Whisperers to get revenge on Alexandria for destroying The Saviors. Only time can tell.

Where’s Lydia?

If you don’t remember Lydia, she is the daughter of The Whisperers leader, Alpha. She is also the polar opposite of her mother. Alpha likes to bully and control her people with an iron fist, whereas Lydia is a sweet, nice girl. In episode 7 Carol tells Lydia that she wants to help Alpha’s team enjoy the same lifestyle she has grown accustomed too. Lydia is more than eager to help because she wants them to coexist peacefully in this new world. Little does Lydia know that Carol is using her as a pawn to show The Whisperers that Alpha is a liar in an attempt to get them to turn on her. This plan does not go over well when they confront Gamma as a group. Gamma in shock that Lydia is alive and runs off. Lydia also runs off mad that Carol used her as a pawn in such a nasty way. One could only wonder if we will ever see Lydia again, or is she gone forever with Heath.

Michonne’s Death

It hard to say it, but Michonne’s days are numbered on the show. Dianai Gurira announced last year before the start of the first half of season ten that she will be leaving the show by the end of the season’s running. She said she is leaving the show to pursue more film options including Black Panther 2 coming out in 2022. This left many fans heartbroken and many unanswered questions began to surface, such as, how is she going to die? When is she going to die? Who will lead Alexandria? And, most importantly, who will take care of Judith and RJ?

The Comebacks

They say when a chapter ends another one begins. Around the time Dianai announced Michonne’s death, Lauren Cohan announced the return of Maggie. Many of you remember in season 9, episode 7 when Michonne learned the shocking truth that Maggie left Hilltop with Hershel Jr. shortly after a big falling out after Rick’s death. All that was told was she and another community leader named Georgie went off to start a new civilization somewhere far away. Before she left she put Jesus in charge of the day-to-day operations of Hilltop. Though shocking as this is, I was caught off guard by a Rick Grimes spotting on the filming set of The Walking Dead. That’s right folks, we might see the return of Rick Grimes this season! Unfortunately, this is a very new one and the information surrounding it is shaky at best, but one could only dream.

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