What a Well Dressed Girl Wears to the Zombie Apocalypse

A zombie is an undead being created through the reanimation of a corpse. No matter the original cause, they are nasty, unthinking flesh eating machines that feel no pain. Whether traveling solo or in a pack, they’re dangerous and terrifying. Despite a minimal level of brain function and cognition, the only thing that will stop them is blunt force trauma to the brain.

The infection is spread from a bite, a scratch, ingestion of bodily fluid such as blood or saliva. As the newly infected begin to transform, they are fast and full of adrenaline like if they’re high on “bath salts.” But, as their bodies begin to decay, they’ll start to slow down and trundle around without much coordination.

Fortunately for us, this (slow zombies) means daily life can go on. Running errands around town like grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning may still be possible. It might even be fun to go do a little shopping at the mall because they will probably have inventory since zombies don’t care about the latest fashion.

Speaking of fashion, we asked a couple members of the TRGRiQ “Test Team” what sort of outfit they might put together for an afternoon out in a dystopian world and this is what we got…


Ok, so while we don’t know much about fashion, we know that Kerryann looks pretty good in her normal clothes. As for her weapon of choice, she wanted something simple, reliable and since body trauma has no effect on zombies, devastating enough to blow a zombie’s head clean off in CQB. For this she has chosen a proven Remington 870 12 gage shotgun that has gotten the TRGRiQ treatment.

Starting with a Remington 870 Express, the gun has been fitted with a receiver picatinny rail and XS ghost ring sights. Since Kerryann doesn’t have the key to the mall, the barrel was threaded for a Remington Trulock breaching standoff/choke tube which serves as a very effective passkey.

To improve the pattern, extend the range, and to reduce the kick of her prefered Federal reduced recoil tactical buckshot, the barrel has had the forcing cone recontoured and the barrel ported by Vang Comp. A Steiner MK7 battle light provides illumination for the mall’s dark abandoned stores. For quick and deadly aiming particularly with slugs and low light an Eotech 512 comes in handy.  Coincidentally buckshot patterns at about the 60 minute circle in the Eotechs holographic display.


Mesa Tactical provided the 8 round shell holder and the hydraulic recoil absorbing stock system. This makes shooting zombies all day with “high brass” a piece of cake. The pump’s forearm is a Magpul MOE with anti pinch flanges and provisions for picatinny rail sections that allow the mounting of an Asgard Defence two round forward shell holder. The stock is a Magpul CTS with a heavy recoil butt pad and a high rise cheek piece which helps bring her up to eye level with the Eotech. A Hogue cushy AR15 rubber pistol grip is easy on the hand.

The 870’s guts have gotten some work done to improve reliability. The MIM extractor has been replaced with with a machined billet piece from Remington’s Law Enforcement parts list. The plastic housed stock trigger group has also been replaced with Remington’s law enforcement grade all metal upgraded trigger group. Brownells was the source for these parts. The safety button has been replaced with an easy to work by feel, even with gloves on, “Dome Head” by Vang Comp. As a final touch, since the stock parkerized 870 finish is prone to rusting, the gun was treated to a layer of matt black Ceracote.


For her back up firearm, Kerryann rocks a Glock 17 in a Blackhawk Serpa level II holster with a thigh platform and mag holders. To hold her gear, she uses a Bianchi Accumold duty belt. She actually found the throwing knifes lying on the ground unused out in the field by the wreck of a battle modified Hyundai surrounded by empty Heineken bottles; probably dropped by a poor Filipino fabricator that was eaten.


Kerryann’s Glock 17 has a Lone Wolf stainless steel slide with tighter tolerances than stock, forward cocking serrations and a bullnosed contour for easier holster work. An Apex Tactical extractor helps eliminate the Glock ejection in your face syndrome. A Lone Wolf locking block helps improve accuracy by reducing free play between the slide and the frame. An EFK Firedragon stainless match barrel is ported to reduce recoil and is safe for lead bullets; unlike the stock Glock barrel. Trijicon HD sights are tritium illuminated for improved low light function and have a step that facilitates one handed reloading. A Grip Force beavertail improves ergonomics and reduces the chance of slide pinch. Glock Triggers is used for their Haley Skimmer trigger system and an extended slide stop, extended mag release, tungsten heavy recoil assembly and enlarged magwell are all from The Glock Store.


One can never have too many blades and Kerryann plans to put these Gil Hibben throwing knives to good use; especially if they come so fast you don’t have time to reload. Kerryann also carries a Night Watchman 2.5 million volt stun gun in the black nylon pouch. That’s not for zombies more like pesky human survivors that don’t understand no means no.


When ammo starts to get low or when a zombie needs to be dispatched quietly (they are attracted by gunshots) Kerryann has a few other weapons to choose from. For a weapon with some standoff distance she can use her Katana by Musashi. Kerryann’s Katana is a Dojo Quality cutting sword made by Musashi Swords, a chinese sword maker of legitimate swords. Although not high priced and exotic like swords from famed Japanese makers, Musashi makes fully functional swords of decent quality that really work. They work well enough for martial arts bamboo and straw bundle cutting demos and stuff.


Nevermind Kerryann’s RBF, the 41″ Musashi blade is made of 1060 high carbon steel which is differentially clay hardened so the edge is hard but the spine is soft and malleable. It has a full length tang and a real double pegged cotton wrapped rayskin handle. The fittings are brass. The construction is not exquisite like a Japanese sword but the design and assembly methods are identical to traditional quality Japanese swords. However the price is a order of magnitude lower so you won’t hesitate to risk scratching by hacking some walker’s head clean off with it.


Since kimonos and obi’s are not in style too much anymore, Kerryann had to figure out a less traditional way to carry her sword, across the back Ninja style. The Musashi katana comes with a good quality wood scabbard and we attached a True Swords back strap system to it for easy carrying.

A sword is awesome to fineness a zombie into an inoperative state but sometimes you just gotta give one a good hack to get the brain and make it stop. In that case Kerryann prefers her good old Cold Steel Frontier Hawk Tomahawk.


The Frontier Hawk is made in the traditional pattern from the French-Indian War and has a 6″ long head with a 3.25″ cutting face made of 1055 forged carbon steel. With a 22″ long hard hickory handle you got some decent leverage to “whack a mole” on a zombie. The Frontier Hawk is also perfectly balanced for throwing and since it is authentic in design, you could probably scalp a zombie for your collection as well.


Don’t mess with Kerryann before she has had her coffee in the morning.


TRGRiQ Girl is a teenager so going to the mall is something she just loves to do. Post apocalyps, her outfit just has more accessories and there is no one around to tell her she can’t do it. She is decked out to deal with a bunch of annoying zombies and has combat experience having survived a few tours of Black Friday.


TRGRiQ Girl has always liked edged weapons so she decided to carry more than a few as part of her fashion statement. She uses a Voodoo Tactical shotgun and machete scabbard to back carry her Cold Steel Katana and Cold Steel Latin Machete.


Cold Steel’s Latin Machete features a hefty 2mm thick, 24″ long blade made of 1055 carbon steel with a baked on anti rust finish. The blade has a full length tang and a polypropylene handle. The blade can take a very sharp edge and it’s traditional shape is great for cutting trails or the undead.

TRGRiQ Girl’s pistol is a Glock 34 modified by ATEi with a Trijicon RMR red dot.


Her Glock 34 is carried in a Blackhawk Serpa Carbon holster on a Blackhawk thigh platform. The Glock 34 has a custom ported, nickel boron plated slide and barrel with the slide’s submerged Trijicon RMR mount, scalloping and cocking serrations machined by ATEi. Trijicon tall silencer height night sights are used to co-witness with the RMR. A Grip Force Beavertail and an extended slide stop and mag release by The Glock Store as well as a ZEV oversize magwell improve ergonomics. A Lone Wolf locking block tightens the frame to slide fit for better accuracy while a Glock Store Pyramid trigger cleans up the trigger pull to a crisp and reliable 4.5 lbs.


TRGRiQ Girl’s Katana is an Emperor model made by Cold Steel. Unlike the Musashi, it has a thicker and tougher 1055 high carbon steel blade which is heat treated to a spring hardness. Where as the Musashi uses a thinner, lighter more delicate blade that is two stage hardened; the Cold Steel blade is heavier and tougher. Its thickness means that you have to give it some muscle to go through stuff, although the blade isn’t probably going to bend or break. The Emperor uses a full length tang with a double pegged ray-skin handle and a silk wrap. If you want to see cool demos of this sword slicing through ropes, wood, barrels of water, multiple pigs, mat rolls with wood centers and other impressive things, check out Cold Steel’s Youtube channel.


TRGRiQ Girl also favors throwing knives to dispatch the undead at very close range. She uses Smith and Wesson TK8 8″ throwing knives designed by Stewart Taylor. The knives have corrosion resistant 2CR13 stainless blades that are not too brittle.


A Blackhawk riggers belt is used to carry all her gear. Blackhawk mag holders are also used.


The ninja stars are easy to use compared to throwing knives and are cool to bury in the foreheads of the walking dead. These were also found in the abandoned Hyundai


If some knives are good, more are better. TRGRiQ Girl rocks these additional throwing knives in a shoulder rig by True Swords.


If the zombies get too close for comfort, TRGRiQ Girl carries a Gerber MKII survival knife. A classic knife from the Vietnam era, it was first made in 1967 on the same pattern as the legendary Fairburn-Sykes fighting knife developed in WWII for British Commandos. The Gerber MKII features a 6.5″ black oxide coated 420 high carbon stainless blade with double cutting serrations in a die cast aluminum handle.


TRGRiQ Girl’s long gun of choice is a PWS MK107 pistol. The PWS MK107 features an AK47 like long stroke gas piston system with a 4 position gas regulator. This assures reliability under many conditions even with a short 7.5″ barrel. The pistol features a Geissele SSA-E trigger, a Battle Arms selector and a Seekins Precision bolt catch in the fire control group. A LAW Tactical Folding adaptor is used with an Odin Works buffer tube, a LWRC sling mount and a Shockwave AR Pistol Brace; all to make a very compact and handy gun even more compact while keeping legal pistol status. The recoil system uses a Sprinco blue spring and a Spikes T2 heavy buffer to slow the recoil event down to take strain off the gun.


Magpul Pro BUS are co-witnessed with an Aimpoint Micro T-1 red dot optic on an American Defence mount. A Noveske KX-5 muzzle device does a lot to contain the muzzle blast created by the short 7.5″ barrel. A Surefire X400 Ultra illuminator easily identifies and dazzles targets in dark unlit shopping centers with it’s 500 lumen light. It’s 5 mw red laser is good for point shooting under stress and can also be used to blind zombies. A zombie that can’t see you, can’t eat you. The MK107’s barrel has a 1:8 twist and Wylde chamber which works well for .223 or 5.56  in most bullet weights. This helps the MK107 be accurate out to 300 yards and zombie deadly out to 200 yards. This is twice the range of typical pistol caliber carbines and perfect for urban shopping excursions in zombie territory.


TRGRiQ Girl slices the pie to clear a street corner while Kerryann provides rear security. Note: the AR pistol is not touching the shoulder.  You have to be legal when shooting Zombies. The Shockwave pistol brace allows an AR pistol to be fired legally off the shoulder by a handicapped individual or a person of small stature while maintaining safe stability. If you thought dealing with zombies was bad, dealing with desperate human anti-gun survivors can be even worse so you can’t be too careful.


All this prep work for a trip to the mall can be a bit tedious but getting there and back safely in style is half the fun so it pays to be prepared. Let the weak become lunch for the undead.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, this article is just for entertainment…

Big credit here to the men and women over at trgriq for providing us with the content!

Originally posted 2016-02-23 07:30:19.

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Written by Daniella Vega

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