Weapons in every day places

Now I know most of you have some stuff around the house you can turn into a weapon….

But, you will probably be somewhere else than at home when the apocalypse begins. Therefore, you will need to improvise a weapon until you get home to your stash. For these examples, I’ll rule out the preppers who have weapons in their car, on them and at home. You’ll all just be excited and ready when it happens anyway!

Our first example is the place you spend a lot of time, at work! Now in case you’re in the army, a mechanic or in any other place with large blunt objects or weapons, you’ll be fine. So, I’ll focus on “the office”. Look around your desk, what is there you could use to destroy a zombies brain? For me it would be a heave glass candy jar, or my knife. I have one for “cutting fruit or boxes”, but it’s really for when the zombies come. Now, most offices have chairs, these can be used for an initial kill. Just smash it into the zombies head at full force! This however won’t last long, because running around with a chair would suck badly! For a more permanent weapon, look in the cleaning closet for things like wooden broom sticks or a screw driver. The maintenance room usually has stuff like tools, this is also a good place to look for a weapon!

For the next case, we move to your car. This will also be a place you spend a lot of time. You’re also likely to use this when going home or to your shelter. First comes to mind, the tire iron in the back of your car. This object is blunt, strong and if one arm breaks off, you have three more! The lever on the jack may also be a good weapon, if the build is heavy and good quality. For more specific items, check your own car! You’ll be surprised with the stuff you have laying around in your trunk.

Okay, public transport. Many people take the subway, bus or a train to work. Now, being in a vehicle you don’t control, locked with panicking people and zombies, will suck. So, what weapons might be found here? The most important of them all, is the emergency break. You pull/push it and get the fuck out! You do not want to start bashing brains and causing more panic in there, you need to get out! In a bus, you might find the window smashes to be useful though. On trains and subways, fire extinguishers to be a good help.

As a last place we will cover… No not the mall, that place is full of weapons! The streets, yes you heard me, just you walking around your neighborhood. When walking the streets, useful objects might be fallen tree branches (if thick enough). Also, you could break a mailbox and use that to smash some brains, or run into a yard to find stone statues (the small ones). Other great items are bike stands, sports items like baseball bats in a yard and of course car alarms. These can be very helpful. You just kick a car, the alarm goes off, attracting both zombies and their prey and you make a run for it!

Well, that’s it for now. These are some great weapons you won’t have to look long for, in places you are in every day. If you have anything good to add, leave a comment!

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