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  • My submission for man crates

    My submission for man crates

    Okay so the guys and girls over at Mancrates asked me to come up with some useful items for surviving a horror movie! Since I run Zombie Guide Magazine, expect nothing but amazingly useful and serious items to survive the most gruesome horror movies. Ready? Here we go with my submission for man crates! 1. […] More

  • Man Crates Now Zombified

    Man Crates Now Zombified

    Need an interesting, one-of-a-kind gift for your bestest best friend? Then check out the wide selection of choices at Man Crates. Man Crates Now Zombified, are a unique gift idea targeted to those with interesting hobbies. So, it’s no surprise they would have a zombie-themed crate. The Zombie Survival Crate is shipped in a sturdy, old-fashion wooden […] More

  • Perfect Zombie Loadout

    1.) 9mm Pistol 9mm is the most popular pistol caliber worldwide. Military and police in many countries carry pistols chambered in 9mm. A good reliable sidearm is the place to start, because during the Zombie Apocalypse, Zombies aren’t the only ones you need to worry about. 2.) .22LR Semi-auto Rifle A removable magazine fed .22LR […] More

  • Weapons in every day places

    Now I know most of you have some stuff around the house you can turn into a weapon…. But, you will probably be somewhere else than at home when the apocalypse begins. Therefore, you will need to improvise a weapon until you get home to your stash. For these examples, I’ll rule out the preppers […] More

  • Kabar Kukri Machete 1249

    Kabar Kukri Machete 1249 Review

    The Handle: Kabar Kukri Machete 1249 has a black handle made of Kraton G, although I’m not sure how this differs from regular Kraton. It’s got that grippy feel without being sticky, and I like that. It’s 5-1/2″ long and has a half guard-like protrusion in the butt to keep the knife in your hand […] More

  • Melee Weapon: the Shovel

    Melee Weapon: the Shovel

    Zombie weapons come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and really a zombie weapon is whatever you grab to smash the undead when needed. Today we take a look at a fan favorite melee weapon, the shovel. Seen often in movies, series and videogames as a go to weapon for suburban survivors, the […] More

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