Walking Dead Update!

A few days ago I heard from an anonymous tipster that The Walking Dead will resume their post-production work on the final episode in Mid-May depending on if the COVID-19 cases stay the same, or drop. They stated that season 11 will begin re-filming in early July. Though nothing is verified yet I figured I should at least let you guys know early that our show will be back by the end of the year. Also, when they get back to the studio they will finish the post-production work on The Walking Dead: World Beyond as well, so expect that to be released around the same time as the epic season finale. While we wait, check out the opening minutes for the season finale and also the trailer for World Beyond.

M.L. Lewis

Written by M.L. Lewis

M.L. Lewis is not new to the world of writing. She has written various short stories and poems throughout the years and has won multiple awards in art and literature. The highest honor she received was Poet of the Year in 2000, and again in 2005. A poem she wrote in honor of law enforcement can be seen in the book, Everything You Wanted to Know about the Heroes in Blue. She was also featured in Encounter magazine for the volunteer work she did for the United States troops. In 2010 she won Resident of the Year in a local newspaper titled The South Hills Messanger. Today, she spends her time increasing her knowledge on disaster preparedness while working on her Ph. D. in Paranormal Studies.