Using Valentines Day Sales To Your Advantage

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance. It is celebrated by 190 million people, or 52% of the population, in the US. Overall, the holiday is celebrated in 16 countries with couples everywhere celebrating their love for one another. With the average person spending $161 how can a prepper take advantage of such a festive holiday. Using Valentines Day Sales To Your Advantage: 


The stability of the holiday. You see them every and on everything. But, did you the heart shape we are familiar with was invented in the 14th century to symbolize a female butt. As a survival tool, it’ll depend on the type of a heart we’re talking about. If it is made of paper or cardboard they can be used for kindling. Balloon hearts can be used as a flotation device. Candy hearts can be ground up and used as makeshift chalk.


This is the floral Christmas. Today, the industry will sell 18.5 million flowers, 11 million of which are roses. Valentine’s Day accounts for 30% of total business for the year for this market, making 27.4 billion. Before you throw away that bouquet your significant other paid good money for, you might want to think twice about their many survival benefits. Echinacea and lavender have medical properties to them. Lilacs, roses, and violets are edible and can be great additions to your salad. Flower petals make trails.


27% of people who buy flowers will often buy a card to go with them. In the US alone 1 billion cards were exchanged tonight. This means the greeting card industry will make $933 million on this holiday. Cards are the 2nd most bought item during this holiday, and though they may seem disposable, they are very useful. Besides kindling cards can be used for many helpful uses. They can be used to make a scrapbook to teach future generations about the past we left behind. They can be repurposed to be used as tags to organize your supplies among the team. If you attach a couple of them you can make a disposable bowl or candle holder.


A diamond is a girl’s best friend. Today they made 3.9 billion dollars, making up 18% of the Valentine’s Day market. According to this 7 million people will get engaged on this day. Don’t think just because it’s the apocalypse that your new ring is now useless. More than likely our economy would drop back into something called the Gold Standard. It was when money had to be backed by gold and other precious metals. Chances are your paper money would be useless, but that fourteen-carat gold ring your wearing could feed your family for a couple of weeks. The same goes for copper, silver, diamonds, and platinum.


This is my favorite part of the holiday. Nothing quite says I love you like a Whitman’s Sampler. It is the number one most bought item this holiday season. It makes up 52% of Valentine’s Day sales and made $1.8 billion. Candy has many survival benefits, but we will cover those in a different article. Today, we are going to focus on the number one saler, chocolate. Chocolate can prevent your metal objects and tools from rusting. They make a great bartering tool. They have many medicinal uses like cramp reliever and antidepressant. Due to its mild abrasive qualities, it can be used as temporary toothpaste.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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