Using Spring Sales For Your Zombie Prepping Advantage

Now with April showers ending and May flowers begin to bloom it’s time to talk about spring! Spring, or vernal equinox, usually begins on March 22nd every year. It’s the first time of the year where the sun rises due east, and set due west. Spring usually signifies the re-birthing of Earth and all its wonders. Trees are blossoming its buds. Flowers bloom in a variety of bright colors. To signify this time of the year stores take advantage by offering an array of stuff on sale that you can use for your preps. Using Spring Sales For Your Zombie Prepping Advantage:

Cleaning And Organizing

They don’t call it ‘spring cleaning’ for anything. Spring is the best time to clean out the house because it gives us an opportunity to deep clean without everyone getting in your way. It’s the time of the year where we throw open the windows and let that beautiful sunshine in. Most stores will run sales on cleaning products like bleach, wipes, basically all the essentials you’ll to clean the house. Some will even add in bins and totes to their line up which can be used to keep your preps organized.


Spring is usually the time when people update their wardrobe, so naturally, there will be an assortment of clothing deals going on. From shirts to sneakers you’ll find everything you need to ensure each go-bag in your home has at least one complete outfit to wear just in case things go south. You’ll also want to plan a trip to the second-hand store because many people will be donating clothes to make room for the new outfits. Not to mention the other uses you can get out of clothes. You can convert shirts into face masks. Socks into water filters. Shoelaces hold just as good as paracord does.

Gardening Supplies

Once you are done with the inside, it’s time to move to the outdoors. Many people welcome spring by beautifying their lawns or starting gardening. Starting a garden would improve your preps. To begin to check out our article, “Helpful Beginner Gardening Tips” on this site. All the tools from seed to planting material you need to start a garden will be on sale. Your local greenhouse will have seedlings available to help get your garden going in the right direction.

Grilling Items

Once your backyard is cleaned and seeded it’s time to catch up with the neighbors with a good old fashion BBQ. The grilling industry is a 1.47 billion dollar market industry. In fact, according to 68% of the American population, you don’t even need a special occasion to grill. Sorry Hank Hill, but he most common type of grill is the type that is fueled by wood pellets. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find good deals on charcoal or propane. You should invest in a good wood-burning grill regardless of the type you like because this may be the only way you can give your family a hot meal during a major blackout.


Camping is a hugely popular hobby in the country today. 77 million households report that they go camping at a minimum of four times a year. The average camper will spend 51 dollars a year on supplies. According to a camping consumer study, coolers are the second most bought camping item, and why not they are a pretty handy item outside of keeping your food cold. They have a watertight seal to prevent leaking, making them a durable waterproof box. Most models are on wheels which can be very helpful moving heavy supplies around without hurting your back.

Bug Spray

Besides the massive amount of pollen in the air, I feel this is the second worse part of spring. Due to the increase of heat and with all the rain we get in March this gives birth to our greatest spring pest, the mosquito. Mosquitoes only have a three-day lifespan, but they can cause a lot of damage in that time. These flying monsters are a petri dish of illness. From Malaria to Zika these bugs are known disease spreaders, so you’ll want to stock up on bug spray to avoid them.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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