Using drones during the zombie apocalypse

Using drones during the zombie apocalypse
Drone carrying parcel

Now I know what people will say, drones require power that could be used for other means. Like powering light bulbs or other useful equipement. But just to entertain a thought, in case you might have enough power. For example by having invested in solar panels or a windmill in your hideout, or current prepper-home. I’ll go over a few ideas I have on using drones during the zombie apocalypse.


Pretty much a no brainer… Use drones to fly out way past your property to spot either herds, stranglers, survivors, bad humans or anything else you might need without drawing attention to yourself. Of course you risk getting your drone shot down by other survivors, but by doing that they also put themselves at risk of being spotted by either humans or zombies. Plus hitting a small moving object with a gun is hard, good chance they’ll miss if they try. By using drones for this purpose you can avoid annoying situations like rounding a corner and having a massive herd of zombies stare back at you, who will then start following you. Scout out rooftops or other places where baddies may hide, or just look for supplies worthy of getting on foot later.

Picking small items and dropping supplies

See a corpse laying around somewhere with a useful gun? Or several smaller items in a field, or on a rooftop.. But with too many zombies around? Fly in a decent sized drone to pick up the items for you! Why walk into a building filled with zombies, to steal the former survivors on the rooftops’ guns, to maybe get cornered by zombies on the way in or out? Have another outpost nearby or want to check out if a certain well prepared neighbor is still alive? Send in your drone.. Maybe even have it carry a message saying you’re okay too and want to join forces. Not everyone might have a working radio or be on the right frequency at the right time. So sending in your drone will ensure it’s almost like meeting face to face, but without getting your face eaten.

Luring zombies away

This one may or may not work, we don’t know yet. But it’s an interesting idea to use drones to lure zombies away, so you can pass a certain area or get them away from a group of survivors you want to save. If zombies behave like they do in The Walking Dead, flying a drone around them will get them to mass migrate after the thing by the thousands like ants who found something sweet in your kitchen. You could maybe even use this tactic to lure them off a bridge or a cliff, get them to fall off a building, or just get them out of your general area. If you have the means to give it a try, definitely play around with your drones during the apocalypse to see how they may be used. Just don’t use them to accidentally lure the wrong people or zombies to your own hideout on the way back.

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