Unexpected Season Finale ‘The Tower’ Ends On Epic Cliffhanger

Unexpected Season Finale 'The Tower' Ends On Epic Cliffhanger

*This post contains spoilers! Reader discretion is advised!* Unexpected Season Finale ‘The Tower’ Ends On Epic Cliffhanger: 

We begin where we left off last week with Princess catching Eugene’s team off guard. Yumiko retorts back rather salty to her very sudden appearance. Because of this Princess debates whether she should trust them, and turns her gun at them. King Ezekiel attempts to defuse the situation by commenting on her unique walker displays throughout the city. After a few minutes of talking, Princess tells them she has been alone for a year. She begins to wonder if she is hallucinating them. While debating this in her head she kills a couple of walkers. This though spooks the horses, causing them to run away from Eugene and Yumiko. Princess apologizes by taking them to her stash to stock up on needed supplies. King Ezekiel suggests they should go looking for the horses tomorrow morning. Eugene is against this because they are running out of time to meet Stephanie. Yumiko suggests they continue their journey on foot. King Ezekiel suggests they bring Princess along since she knows of alternative transportation. Yumiko is against it claiming if she had a way out, then why is she still there. Eugene agrees with Yumiko about Princess being a little on the strange side but is for her tagging along.

At Alexandria, Beta arrives with his new horde. The town is completely deserted. Everyone is hiding in an abandoned hospital they call ‘The Tower’ not far from town. Luke is trying to get the radios working effectively again. He is in need of parts so he sends Carol and Kelly to go get some. Judith gives her condolences to Lydia. Lydia is less than receptive to it. Daryl is in the woods checking the perimeter, trying to reach Michonne on the walkie. He is unsuccessful at this. In Alexandria Beta is confused over where the others had fled to. Alden and Aaron are hiding in the windmill, feeding him false leads through walker whispering, the Whisperers’ primary method of talking. Beta buys it and leads the horde out of Alexandria.

Out in the woods, Judith is killing walkers when she is confronted by Daryl. Daryl scolds her for leaving ‘The Tower’ by herself. She said it was okay because she left a note for Father Gabriel. She asks Daryl to teach her how to watch the perimeter which he reluctantly agrees to do.

A few miles from them Beta begins to wonder if they are following the right path to finding our heroes. While questioning his decision a fellow Whisperer accidentally calls him Alpha. This gets Beta angry as he pulls out his knife to kill the Whisperer. Alden stops him with more misleading walker whispering. They continue walking. Aaron radios to Father Gabriel to tell him the plan is working, and they are driving them to the ocean.

Out by Charlottesville, Princess is taking Eugene and the other through a field. She says for them to follow her closely as she begins walking funny. Halfway through the field, the find the head of one of their missing horses. This is when she tells them they are in the middle of a minefield. Yumiko once again becomes angry with Princess this time for getting them stuck in a deadly situation. Princess says not to worry because she knows the way, but unfortunately, she lost count and can’t remember how. She begins to mentally retrace her steps. She thinks she got it, so she tosses her canteen down the path she thinks they should go. It explodes.

Meanwhile, Carol and Kelly’s quest is going rather smoothly. Carol asks Kelly to forgive her for what happened to Connie. Kelly comforts her saying Connie is alive because she is tough. Kelly reflects back to her past when she started losing her hearing. She said that Connie taught her to not look at being deaf as a weakness but as her superpower. She tells Carol to not reflect on her weaknesses, but her strengths instead.

In Charlottesville, Princess is still trying to figure out how to get them out of the minefield they are in the middle of. Yumiko is still fuming over the fact they followed her in the first place. Eugene not only points out there shrinking deadline, but the walkers coming out of the forest. He is worried that the walkers will create a cascading effect over the mines before they can figure a way out. Meaning, when a walker trips a mine, there landing body parts will trigger more mines. Seeing the threat King Ezekiel talks to Princess about finding a way out faster. After a quick game of Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe she picks a route. The talk seemed to be effective because she picks the correct way.

Deep in the forest, Daryl is teaching Judith to be mindful of her surroundings as she spots signs of a passing walker. They track them down, and it is three of them. Daryl shoots one in the shoulder. It was a Whisperer. It runs off with Daryl chasing it down. Daryl and Judith find the Whisperer in the ditch, dying. She asks Daryl to remove the arrow. He said he will, but first, she must answer his questions. She tells Daryl all she knows. Daryl accepts this information and shoots her in the head. Judith is left in shock by his coldness towards leaving the Whisperer’s body in a ditch.

Now, safely out of the minefield Yumiko scolds Princess for putting them in danger. During this dispute, Eugene realizes they are back on Fleetwood Drive where they began. Princess tries to cover it up but confesses she did purposely take them in a giant circle because she wanted them to like her. She really wanted them to like her because she has been so alone for so long. Eugene sympathizes with her, saying he did a similar thing along time ago for the same reason.

Beta is rallying the Whisperers as Alden and Aaron follow closely. Alden thought once Alpha was gone the Whisperers would turn a new leaf and join them as part of the community. Aaron says they have to fight to win in honor of those they lost. Alden suddenly notices the horde changing directions towards ‘The Tower’ Aaron tries to radio them to get out, but his radio dies. They go running but are captured by some Whisperers. One points a gun at Aaron, who immediately recognizes them.

Back at ‘The Tower’ Lydia snaps at Negan telling him he isn’t the boss of her. Negan agrees, in fact, he encourages Lydia to punch him because he feels it would make her feel better. He says she needs to grieve and to stop pushing others away from her. He feels deep down that she wants to belong to Alexandria. Lydia calls him selfish because the only reason he killed Alpha was so he can be labeled a hero to them. She begins to cry claiming she wants to hate Alpha, but can’t and that she misses her. Negan holds Lydia close, doing his best to console her.

Princess opens a garage door revealing it is full of bikes. Though not what they expected, it’s better than nothing. Yumiko apologizes to Princess for yelling at her earlier. Princess is more than understanding and apologizes for getting them stuck in a minefield. Now that peace is made Yumiko asks if she would like to continue their journey to Charleston, West Virginia.

In the woods, Daryl asks Judith why is she upset. She is upset that they left the Whisperer’s body in that ditch. She tells Daryl it makes her worry that Michonne is not coming back. All she wants is to be a family with her again. Daryl tells her that he’s going to keep trying to reach her on the walkie every day. Judith confesses that Michonne wants to go, help people, she found while out with Virgil. She was afraid to break this news to him fearing he will leave her. Daryl says he won’t leave her and she has a lot of families back in Alexandria that will do anything for her. Then, Daryl’s walkie goes off. IT is Father Gabriel, but his message is broken up. From what we can make out he tells Daryl they are surrounded and he needs to get to the wagon. The walkie dies. We cut to ‘The Tower’ as Beta approaches it with his new horde.

There is, unfortunately, no word yet as to when season eleven will begin, but I will try to keep everyone as up to date as I can.

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