Try not to fight zombies

Try not to fight zombies

Yes you heard me, try not to fight zombies! Does anyone know how intensive fighting is? Now if you have a gun you might be able to keep fighting for quite some time, especially from a fortified position, but it will probably be a waste of ammo. Plus the loud gunfire will draw in more and more zombies, who will attract more zombies because they start moving in your direction. So you just end up getting overrun, or at least surrounded and out of ammo.

If you don’t have a gun, try not to fight zombies at all. Unless you have no other option than to fight for your life of course. Or if the zombie used to be a really shitty person, then go right ahead 😉 But seriously, melee combat is fucking intensive! Especially if your opponent can’t get tired and is dead set on eating you! World champion martial artists don’t even really fight for life or death, they fight by rules and even they are exhausted after just minutes! AND they’re not swinging around a sword or baseball bat to bash in skulls.

Now besides you getting tired, you’ll also start to sweat and burn a bunch of calories you could be using for other things. The sweating part is actually worse than you might think. It fills up your clothing, decreasing it’s ability to either keep you warm or cold. So, it’s not only better to be a little too cold, but also to not get sweating too much because you just had to be a bad-ass.

So what should you do? Try being stealthy, use your surroundings and try sneaking around zombies. Since their bodies are a bit decaying, their hearing, smell and sight are probably way worse than yours, so use that to your advantage.

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Written by Frank

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