Toxic Growth upgrade for Cold War Zombies

There’s a brand new Field Upgrade available in Cold War Zombies, the new Toxic Growth upgrade was introduced with and is available right now.

You don’t need to do anything to unlock the new Toxic Growth Field Upgrade. Just head into the Zombies mode on Black Ops Cold War and you’ll receive it readily available with the other Field Upgrades.

According to the official description of Cold War Zombies, the new Toxic Growth Field Upgrade can “summon a deadly growth of thorns in front of you. Enemies moving through it are slowed down by 15% and take toxic damage”.

When you were to use your Field Upgrade in the actual game, a large barricade will appear in front of you. When Zombies walk through the barricade they will be slowed down and actually take enough damage to die instantly.

You’ll want to use this new Field Upgrade when things get bad and you’ve got hordes of Zombies coming at you.

In order to upgrade the Toxic Field Upgrade to make it even more powerful, go out and collect Raw Aetherium Crystals. Once you were able to collect enough, you can apply the upgrades in your loadout menu.

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