Top Five Best Hiding Places Nobody Thought About

Top Five Best Hiding Places

Where will you go when the dead begin to walk the Earth? What will be the Top Five Best Hiding Places Nobody Thought About? Bugging out is a popular topic among zombie enthusiasts. We all have at least one plan on where we will go to outlive the zombies. Many peoples’ plans involve going to a big box store like Target or Walmart. With millions upon millions of survivors heading there, this is the last place you should go. Perhaps, you have the “Dawn Of The Dead” approach to the apocalypse and will be heading to your local mall. Unfortunately, they are a dying business and financial experts stated that one-fourth of the existing malls will be closed in the next five years. While many of them struggle to stay open on a shoestring budget. Prisons may be a good, safe choice, but they are also the second most preferred location for an apocalyptic scenario. So, what are some good secure buildings in which to fortify and wait for this whole thing to blow over?

5. A Movie Theater

Everyone loves movies! But, when the zombies are coming seeing the latest Marvel flick is the last thing on your mind. Movie theaters, however, are very sturdy structures. They have a strong security system to prevent people from sneaking into the building. The snack bar can provide a couple of weeks worth of food and beverages depending on the size and popularity of the venue. Each screening room is soundproof, so you can make as much noise as you wish. They also have an extensive movie collection already on hand so you can keep yourself occupied during the long days of waiting out a horde surrounding your location. If you have the space in your pack bring a game console because some screens are set up so you can plug your systems into the projector for the most intense game of Mario Kart you’ll ever have.

4. Pet Stores

I know you think I’m crazy, but hear me out. Pet stores are a solid, quiet structure with few windows. You’ll have ready access to a variety of food and meat if your bold enough, located in the dog food section. In the cat aisle, there will be milk design for feeding kittens that is safe for human consumption. Plenty of cleaning supplies are available so you can maintain a sterile environment. Fish antibiotics can be used in place of regular antibiotics. Some pet stores still carry dogs and cats so you can make a companion for when times get rough. Psychologically, petting an animal can reduce your stress level significantly which assists in your mental health.

3. Office Supply Stores

Your local Staples does more than making copies and send faxes. Most have aisles of snacks, coffee, and teas for the break room. Scissors and letter openers can be turned into makeshift weapons. Paper makes good kindling, and metal trash cans make good fire pits. Don’t forget the fire extinguishers in the safety aisle. Notebooks and journals are there so you can document your flight through the apocalypse so it can be used to educate future generations. Speaking of education, school supplies and workbooks are available throughout the store so you can teach your children the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

2. Banks

Banks have one of the best security systems in the world. They can be locked down simply by pushing a button. There are no windows to worry about because they are designed to deter thieves from stealing sensitive data. A lot of banks have candy, vending machines, and muffins available for customers. Gold is often stored here so you can use that for trading and bartering reasons. Vaults are great emergency shelters in case there is a breach because they are designed to withstand bombings and invaders. Safes also provide a good EMP/nuclear shelter since they are sealed, steel boxes. As a bonus, imagine how cool it would be to burn a stack of bennies after all your financial woes and hardships.

1. Camping Supply Stores

In all of my years of talking to preppers and zombie enthusiasts, nobody has ever said they were going to a camping store. I never understood why not? This type of store is like a survivalist gold mine and the possibilities are endless. They have shelf-stable food, jerky, and seasonings for all sorts of meats and fish. Camping supplies can make good bartering items, plus can be used to fill in the gaps in your bug out bag. Survival books can help teach you valuable skills you forgot to learn during the pre-Z era. Everything you could need to survive out in any environment is available right here.

So what do you guys think of these places? What’s your purposed bug out location? Post in the comments below.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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