Top 5 Walking Dead Spinoffs We Need

Top 5 Walking Dead Spinoffs We Need

 Rumors have been flying around for a very long time about the many possible The Walking Dead spinoff shows in the works. Almost all have been unfounded or shrugged off by the fans as false. During an episode of The Talking Dead Scott Gimple officially confirmed there are a few spinoff shows in production, but couldn’t give us any more details. An anonymous report from a leak on set stated there will be at least several spin-off shows within the next few years. This leaves us wondering what could they possibly be? This is my list of what I think should get there own spin-off series. Top 5 Walking Dead Spinoffs We Need:

5. The Kingdom

I am a huge King Ezekiel fan. His old-world talk and soft heart really adds to the show. But who is the real king? We know he was a zookeeper, but we don’t know much else. I would like to see his life before the uprising. Imagine him fighting his way to the zoo to save Shiva, and the journey they made to become rulers of The Kingdom.

4. Hilltop

If the Kingdom gets a show, sure enough, Hilltop would soon follow. A quiet little farming town that looks quite peaceful and lovely you almost forget about the walkers. I would love to see how this simple little village came to be. More importantly, I would like to know how a jerk like Gregory took control of them and why he cowardly handed them over to Negan. Not to mention what’s a Hilltop backstory if we didn’t include Jesus’s backstory into the mix.

3. The Four Horsemen

Before you guys spaz out and start rewatching everything, no this concept has never been introduced in either The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead. This is a concept I came up purely on my own because I figured it would be an interesting concept for the show. The Four Horsemen is a group of four individuals named after the riders; Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. Pestilence is the unofficial leader of the pack and she is half-human, half walker. She is immune to bites and can walk in the hordes unnoticed. Her blood contains the cure and if she treats certain people within a one minute window they will be temporarily cured. Just a thought I found interesting.

2. Vatos Gang

Here’s a throwback from season one. We only saw the gang in two episodes of the show’s running, but for some reason, I keep finding myself thinking about them from time to time. Who are they? What struggles did they face every day? The Vatos Gang was the first evil gang Rick encountered in the show. They abducted Glenn in exchange for guns to protect the nursing home they were living in. Then within a blink of an eye, the whole gang and the nursing home were gone by the end of season one. Their sudden tragic end left even more questions behind like who killed them and why.

1. The Saviors

Negan has been by far the most interesting villain on the show. He can charismatic and rude all in the same breath. A Negan backstory would be pretty amazing to see. We can learn more about his wife Lucille and experience his heartbreak firsthand when she dies. We can learn how Negan found the people to form the Saviors and see him rise to power as the leader of this group.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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