Top 5 The Walking Dead Movies We Need

Top 5 The Walking Dead Movies We Need

If you are like me you still remember Rick Grime’s final episode. The episode ended with Rick being pulled away in a strange helicopter piloted by people we don’t know, never to be seen again (sorry spoiler). We were all left confused over what has happened during that six-year time jump from Rick to Judith on the show. But never fear, Scott Gimple announced there will be a three-part Rick Grimes movie covering this very time gap. The announcement of potential movies spurred a string of rumors over who else is getting their own film. Top 5 The Walking Dead Movies We Need: 

5. Hershel

Hershel was like the father figure of the group. He was the voice of reason while Rick had his meltdown and stepped up to be the leader. Because of him, the average TWD fan can’t look at spaghetti without getting a little choked up thinking about his untimely death. Hershel was a very rich character and would benefit greatly from a backstory movie. This can also give Maggie’s character some depth as well as building on her past and showing how it shaped her into the leader she is now. The only problem they face is with Scott Wilson’s tragic passing after losing his battle to cancer in 2018, leaving nobody to fulfill the role of Hershel. Scott Wilson will always be Hershel in our hearts and finding an actor to fill his big shoes will be extremely difficult.

4. The Dixon Boys

Daryl and his brother Merle always had a complicated relationship. There past is a dark one, riddled in verbal and physical abuse at the hands of their drunk father. This forced the two brothers to become dependent on the other to survive. Even though both characters ended up taking different roads in the post-apocalyptic world they still remain close to each other until the very end. 

3. Oceanside

Am I the only one curious about Oceanside? And, I don’t mean the Oceanside we see today. I want to see the Oceanside before Negan destroyed them. I want to see the town in its glory and the struggles they faced to rebuild. We know so little about Oceanside, but they have proven they can be strong players on the show. Why not give this little village their own movie so we can learn more about the characters from here.

2. Heath

What happened to Heath has been a burning question we’ve been asking ourselves since season seven. We all remember the infamous scene where he and Tara get separate only to have Tara return and find nothing but tire tracks at the rendezvous location. Many rumors have surfaced over the last couple of years as many people pondered this great mystery. Can someone please end this already so I can get on with my life.

1. Alexandria

The capital city of the new world. Alexandria is a glorious town now with farms, a windmill, and a council, but what were they before that? I would love to see Deanna build the town up and start its wonderful legacy. What struggles did she face? How did people like Aaron and Jesse get there? All these questions and many more should be answered in its own movie.

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