Top 5 post apocalyptic professions

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After the dust settles and most zombies have died off from being rotten corpses shambling in the elements, you’re going to have to make yourself useful. This isn’t really post apocalypse, but also not in the initial run for your life stage. These are professions to pick after everything started, but before we really start to rebuild. Top 5 post apocalyptic professions

1. Drugs / alcohol / tobacco dealer

Since there’s no more law enforcement, or at least a functioning government, this finally becomes a legal profession! Not just legal, but it will be a damn good one. Plunder all the hospitals, grow weed and experiment making your own drugs. I’d say include a few other vices too, like alcohol and tobacco. In a world where everyone lost almost everything, where the dead come to eat you and danger is around every corner, people will be dying to get high. When life becomes so horrible, you’ll want to go to your happy place and get high all the fucking time. This creates a market for people like us to make a living!

2. Mechanic

Following the drug dealer up close is the mechanic. Zombies have taken over, people are on the run and need to get somewhere. Without someone fixing anything that has an engine, the world would get even worse the moment that “change oil” light comes on. But luckily for those desperate survivors, you’ve just set up shop in a barricaded garage in an abandoned industrial park. While customers are waiting on you to fix their ride, would they like to buy some home made vodka?

3. Firearms Repair Technician

It should come as no surprise that a person who can fix and build guns is valuable during a zombie apocalypse. But to really make this a profession, you’ll need your own shop. Have a place to make ammo, store guns for sale and have storage for traded items. Super bonus points if you are so good you can make guns from scratch. And of course have the tools to do so.

4. Handyman

There will be a huge demand for a real handyman. We all have that one neighbor who can do everything himself right? Or maybe that person is you! The guy who fixes his own roof, works on cars, fixes guns and always knows the right way to handle any construction project. These people will be priceless during the apocalypse! Bonus points of you’re a veteran and know how to fight.

5. Farmer

People need food! And since a lot of people these days, especially in cities, really do think milk comes from factories… We might need farmers during the apocalypse. A piece of land, a good fence around it and lets get farming! Or maybe just keep running the farm you were already running. We will eventually run out of canned food, or might just crave something fresh and tasty after a while, so farmers will be needed to provide nutrition.

Okay that concludes my list of top five post apocalyptic professions! Do you have suggestions that should make the list? Or maybe professions that I completely missed? It’s Monday morning after al… Let me know in the comments!

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