To Shoot or Not to Shoot?

Is it even a question?  Actually, yes. Shoot first, ask questions later. What an asshole thing to do and really stupid if you are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Yes, I know.  Better to shoot someone before they turn and then kill you.  I get that.  However, you could be killing someone that is immune.

There are a multitude of zombies.  Everyone has their favorite zombie, maybe it’s the Romero ghoul or the 28 Days Later “rage” zombie.  Let’s narrow this discussion to zombies in which their cause is an infection. That infection could be a virus, bacteria or parasite.  I’m narrowing this because these are the most likely culprit, but they are also microbes that our body has had experience in fighting.

Our immune system is pretty bad-ass, we really don’t give it alot of credit.  Our bodies are constantly bombarded by microbes.  That 5 second rule…yeah, tons of microbes. We get sick, we get better.  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, at least most of the time.  The point though is our immune system is amazing at fighting most pathogens.  Now of course there are things that we can’t really fight off.  HIV is a ravaging virus and can lead to some severe health issues, and in many cases, an early death.  However, there are individuals that are highly resistant to HIV.  We are discovering that some people have won the genetic lottery against some terrible diseases.  It’s really a game of odds.  When humans procreate, we essentially do a genetic shuffle, and its these different genetic combinations that allow for people to essentially be “immune” to different diseases.

So “What If”?  What if your buddy is bitten?  What if your buddy is also immune, but you shoot them in the face.  Well done, you just doomed the human race.  This is why shooting first is a dumb move.  If someone is bitten, quarantine.  It is important to make sure they are not one of the few that have an immunity .  If they are to be so lucky to be immune, you might have just saved the world.  Get them to a scientist! They will know what to do  If, however, they are not.  Time to do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, this will be the most likely outcome, but its something you have to know.

Many will offer that this advice is terrible and that the chance of you encountering the one “immune” person is slim.  And to that I answer: statistics.  People win the lottery.  People get struck by lightning. Someone is out there right now that is immune to a disease they have never encountered.  Hell, it might be you.  It is our duty as survivors to ensure the survival of our race, it is your duty to make sure your bitten friend is not the savior to us all. Don’t let your ignorance of science or cowardice doom the rest of us.

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Written by Brandon Lowery

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