The Zombie Fighter Jango stick workout

Good day preppers! You’ve all come a long way in preparing yourself for the impending apocalypse. You have food, water, shelter, guns, machete’s and what not. You might even do sports to keep yourself fit. But…. What is you run out of bullets? Or what if you encounter other people in hand to hand combat? You may find yourself in situations where you have no time to think and need super fast reflexes to defend yourself.

This my fellow undead killers, is where the Zombiefighter Jango stick workout comes in!

The workout is developed by Zombie Guide’s close friend, Cedric Nye, a.k.a. Zombiefighter Jango. Now referred to as “brother jango”. The workout’s goal is to get martial arts movement embedded in your muscle memory. This is done by using your own body weight, momentum and a stick. Doing series with a high number of repetitions. This creates a strong core, tough muscles for rapid movement and prints these movements into your muscles. In the army we referred to this as “skills and drills”. In order to have your skills (martial arts movements in this case) ready at any time, you need to “drill” them into your system.

Okay, to the workout. All workouts can be found here on Brother Jango’s YouTube channel, they’re free and meant to empower the people. It’s a continuous web series you can do at home. All you need, is a proper stick and motivation! You could buy weights to do these exercises, but Brother Jango’s philosophy is to empower people to defend themselves. Therefore all workouts can be done with a stick found outside and your own body.

Now I know I promised to review this workout a while ago. But because it takes a lot of time to embed these moves into your system and not just “give it a try”, it took a little longer before I could really report about the results.

My findings…

At first, I took a walk outside to find a stick… After that, I cleaned it and got it ready for battle. As shown below.

After a few weeks I noticed my core really did benefit from the workout, also my fighting posture improved a lot. I recommend doing this workout 3 times per week, add some cardio and bodyweight exercises to it and you have a worthy regimen to prepare yourself for the impending apocalypse. You could use just these workouts, they will get you in a good shape, or prepare you for heavier exercises.

If you can’t do any standing workouts, no problem… Brother Jango made seated workouts for people that are chair bound too! So go check out his YouTube Channel and start working out people!

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Written by Frank

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