The Zombie Apocalypse Store

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas. That’s right: there is an entire store dedicated to zombies. They sell zombie books, movies, T-shirts, mugs, and pretty much anything zombie-related. They also sell survival gear (MREs and items for bug-out bags) as well as weapons. And they have a shooting range where you can practice killing zombies (aim for the head). Pretty awesome!


The store is in Chinatown, which is about a mile or so off the strip. The outside of the building looks like a bunker, and they have dummies out front dressed in hazmat suits and military uniforms. There’s also a sniper on the roof, so it’s hard to miss the building!

The people who work in the store are really cool, and they know quite a bit about zombies. They’re always playing a different zombie movie on a big TV for all their customers to enjoy.  Visiting the Zombie Apocalypse Store was by far my favorite part of my trip to Las Vegas. I don’t know of any other stores that are completely dedicated to zombies.

Next time you’re in Las Vegas, you should visit the Zombie Apocalypse Store. You can also buy zombie merchandise directly from their website:


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