The white taxi: June 22 1990

The white taxi: June 22 1990

By KR Bernard: The white taxi: June 22 1990

Quick little note: Yes we know this was supposed to be published on Friday, that didn’t happen. We run this site as a hobby, so sometimes things don’t get prioritized. Thank you for waiting and here is your Fiction Friday story!

After four days of riding at sea, maintaining our health and hunger, we finally get to the New Jersey harbor. The ship stop moves into a dock’s ship space the captain and crewmen get off the ship. We quickly sneak off the ship with two of our bags. My mama, Mya, and I run to the dock’s office to ask someone if they could call a cab for us. One mother who work in the office did; she calls the local taxi company, but we are waiting for the taxi to come for an hour, while sitting on a bench close together, our stomach rumbling from riding at sea for so long.

“Is Pater still coming soon?” ask Mya.
“I don’t know, nonetheless I hope your Pater is okay.”

As a white taxi car pull up near us, the driver gets out the car grab our bags putting the bags in the trunk of the car. Mama, soror, and I get into the car. I sit in the front sitting on my mama lap with the seat straps tightly against us.  The driver drives out the docks.

“Where are you all going?”

“We’re going here” rejoinder Maria as she pulls out a folded piece of paper out her bag handing the paper to the driver. He opens the piece of folded paper, scrim over the writing on the paper. The driver places the paper onto the radio panel.

“I know where that is.” the driver says as he drives far out from the docks on a nearly empty highway road.

“How much will the ride be?”

“Don’t worry it’s on me since your niece is my girlfriend.” the driver rejoinder.

“Oh really what my niece name?”

“Her name is Torah Lopez” rejoinder the driver with a smile.

“Torah is my niece nonetheless what her mater’s name is?” The driver starts to get annoy but he still rejoinder the question with honor.

“Torah Lopez mother’s name is Lauren Lopez.”

“Sorry about asking you all those cross-questions. I have to make sure you aren’t a stalker.”

“It’s okay I’m Langley by the way.”

“I’m Maria and these are my two kids Carlos and Mya.”

“I thought that they were your children since I recently was over Torah mom’s house for dinner and she showed me a picture of you and your kids at a holiday event.”

“That photo we took was about four years ago at my son’s baby shower.”

“Cool, we will be at Lauren’s house in a few hours.” say Langley.

“Thank you Mr. Langley.” rejoinder Maria with a smiling relief.

Mr. Langley drives Maria, Mya, and I to my Aunt Lu’s home to live with her until we could get back on track. Several months later, Mama is working as the new biology teacher at New Tech High School.  I am in the second grade at a new school name Truth Charter elementary and middle school along with Mya. I am a hard worker and we are making a lot new friends too. We live in a nice big three bedrooms, two bathrooms on three floors dark orange and yellow home if you count the basement. Mama works long hours but it is worth the time and effect. We live in a nice neighborhood across street from a five towering structures shape dark tan hospital. My white home has three bedrooms one for the each of us. We also have a small living room, a big dining room, boxes storage basement, two bathrooms, a back porch with a grill and a huge grassy backyard.  Mama room is neat and clean. Mya room is supply with posters, and my room is supply with toys. I just wish my Pater is here. We still do not know why he did not come with us. Missing the fact that I do not have Pater and son times that of kicking a soccer ball encircling playing catch with a brown football, sitting on the couch to behold our Pater-son’s favorite cartoons, or Pater’s teachings of how the way life is.

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Written by KR Bernard