The Walking Dead Supply Drop Box: Is It Worth It?

The Walking Dead Supply Drop Box

Today we ask: The Walking Dead Supply Drop Box: Is It Worth It?  That’s right folks you can now get the joys of The Walking Dead delivered to your home every other month with the exclusive The Walking Dead supply drop. Each box costs $60 a season. I know that seems steep, but what you get is amazing! Each box is custom themed for what’s going on/or about to go on on The Walking Dead. In honor of the fourth of July, this month’s box theme is called ‘Red, White, and Dead’ and contains outdoor party items. The box you get is very sturdy and is carefully detailed following the running theme of the month. This month’s box contains:

1. The “Carnage Edition” of Dale’s 1973 Chieftain Winnebago small diecast
2. A sturdy metal bottle opener shaped like Alphia’s belt buckle
3. A robust Dixon Bros. glass mason jar mug
4. A packet of Dale’s cocktail umbrellas
5. The exclusive Supply Drop edition of The Official TWD Cookbook and Survival Guide
6. A thick, cloth apron designed to look like Carol’s Kingdom armor

This box does not cut corners like most subscription box services. Everything in it is made from good quality materials and will boost your collection to new heights. If you are a true Walking Dead fan then you have to get this box at Also, on a side note if you’re a member then sign up through them so you can get a bonus 400 points in your account every time a new box drops!

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