The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 3 ‘Ghosts’: The Breakdown

Warning! This article contains spoilers, viewer discretion is advised!

The Walking Dead Season 10

Spoiler Alert: The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 3 ‘Ghosts’: The Breakdown

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was quite informative. In the opening minutes, we learn from Eugene that Alexandria is getting hit with an unusual series of attacks. It seems there north side is getting hit with a small cluster of walkers every hour, and the south side every two hours. After 49 hours of consent attacks, our team is cleaning up after one when they are approached by Gamma. Gamma says the attacks are not caused by Alpha and she wants to have a meeting with them on the north side of the border to discuss a possible peace treaty. Unsure of what to do Michonne calls an emergency town meeting to discuss options. The town of Alexandria swears Alpha is behind the attacks and they should go to the border guns a-blazing. Lydia says her mother has a horde with thousands of walkers and if she truly was behind this attack it would have been a lot worst. All the yelling causes Siddiq to have a PTSD-related panic attack, causing him to flee the meeting. After weighing the pros and cons Michonne decides to meet up with Alpha to discuss a truce. 

Once gone, Aaron creates a plan to stay ahead of the approaching clusters. Gabriel notices Aaron is short on man-power and forces him to partner with Negan to help aide in this task. Both Negan and Aaron are unhappy with this new arrangement, but reluctantly agree to do it for the safety of Alexandria. While out killing walkers with Negan the two have a heated argument when Negan picks up a discarded crowbar. Aaron accuses him of killing Eric. Negan gives a not so nice speech about if you fail to protect something, don’t be surprised when it’s taken away from you. It is during this dispute Aaron is attacked by three walkers, Negan saves him before taking off into the woods. After Negan saves Aaron from the walkers he quickly becomes loses vision. After flushing his eyes with water he gains a little bit of his eyesight back and makes a run after Negan.

Meanwhile, Michonne shows up with the others to meet with Alpha. Alpha is not happy with them overcrossing her borders. They said they had to stop the fire, but she isn’t satisfied with this reason. Alpha says she is aware of the fact they have crossed the border three times; once to fight the fire, the other was during the snowstorm from the season nine finale, and finally in the pilot episode of season 10 when Aaron and Michonne were out searching for trespassing Whisperers. Alpha decides not to kill them yet, but to move the border to a more convenient area for both parties. Carol disputes this new border because it will cut off all there hunting grounds. Alpha shows no interest in her complaint and makes a snide remark about Henry. Carol snaps, pulling out a handgun she hid in her back pocket. Michonne quickly intervenes and stops her from killing Alpha. The meeting abruptly ends over this and the two quickly part ways. Michonne confronts Carol over her reckless behavior, causing her to storm off. Once away from the group to blow off some steam she catches three Whisperers spying on them. She informs the group of this and Michonne canvasses the area for signs of the spies. After a through the sweep, they find no signs of the Whisperers. Carol swears she saw them spying on them after taking a couple of unknown pills. This attracts Michonne’s attention and she accuses Carol of hallucinating. When nobody turns up any sign of Whisperer spies Michonne decides to take the others to wait out the night in an abandon school building. While securing the building Carol stumble upon an old Home Ec book. On the cover, she briefly sees her and all the children she once cared for on it. She discards the book quickly and moves on. Once the building is secure she demands the first watch. It was during this Daryl tells her a story about his father who was a truck driver. He says while out on the road at night he was driving along when a strange young girl walked straight out in front of his truck. When he stopped he got out and found no signs of the girl. The police blamed the pills accusing him of hallucinating the whole thing. Carol snaps at him saying she was not a crazy junkie. When the alarm goes off she takes her last pill and sends him away, taking his shift. Once Daryl leaves she hears a strange noise. She leaves to investigate it. While out looking for the source she is confronted by the ghost of Henry and two Whisperers. She is awakened by Daryl claiming he heard her screaming. Carol looks at her bottle and is surprised to see her last pill. She goes to take it but is stopped by Daryl. Carol makes a snide comment about how she is not like his truck driving junkie father. Daryl looks at her confused and says his dad was never a truck driver. Carol once again sends him away, taking his watch. Once again as soon as Daryl leaves she sees a shadow and goes to investigate it. She enters the gym where she is ambushed by a Whisperer stepping on their bobby trap. The Whisperer leads a cluster of walkers into the gym. Carol yells for help, but nobody comes leaving her to fend for herself. After a couple of minutes, Carol kills every walker and the others finally show up. Unfortunately, Carol fell on some broken glass, severely injuring her arm. The rush her back to Alexandria and the chaos causes Siddiq to have another panic attack. Dante, the new doctor’s assistant, spots the signs and takes over the surgery. When Carol was all patch up he gives the credit to Siddiq’s quick actions.

On the other side of the border, Aaron is still struggling to see when he stumbles into an abandoned house. Negan watches quietly off to the side as Aaron searches for him. After Aaron opens the front door he is quickly overwhelmed by walkers, in which Negan finally steps in and saves his life again. He then tells Aaron that his blindness is caused by something called Hogweed. Hogweed is a type of weed that grows out of the walker’s rotting flesh, and it causes rash and blindness. He said Aaron might regain his vision since he was able to flush his eyes out quickly. Aaron reluctantly puts his life in Negan’s hands for the night.

When morning finally arrives the cluster of walkers stops attacking Alexandria. Rosita and Eugene who have been on killing duty for the last three days can finally relax. Eugene brings up Coco’s care causing Rosita to snap at him. Rosita states that she has no interest in ever having romantic feelings for Eugene and he will never be Coco’s father. Eugene responds by saying he feels their friendship means nothing in his own quirky way. Rosita reassures Eugene that they are friends and he needs to stop thinking the worse. Dante confronts Siddiq about his PTSD saying he shouldn’t be ashamed to reach out of help because he knows how he feels having been there after seeing combat. This makes Siddiq feel better, strengthening the bond between the two characters. Finally, After having an elaborate dream about Daryl cooking her and Henry breakfast Carol awakes to find Michonne in her house. Michonne says she believes Carol hallucinate the Whisperer spies and tell her she needs to start taking things easy. Later the day she runs into Daryl and asks him if he thought she made it up, to which Daryl responds with no. The scene cuts back to the jump where we watch a Whisperer die and turn into a walker.

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