The Walking Dead Review: Season 10, Episode 6 ‘Bonds’

Spoiler alerts ahead! Viewer discretion is advised!

The Walking Dead Review: Season 10

Spoiler Alert: The Walking Dead Review: Season 10, Episode 6 ‘Bonds’

Alright, everybody, last night’s episode of The Walking Dead had a lot of little storylines going on in it so let’s get to it. We start off with Carol getting ready to leave Alexandria. Daryl catches up with her and asks where she’s going. She claims she is off to find Negan. Daryl decides to go and keep her company during the search. Once out in the woods, Daryl notices something wrong with her plan. Carol confesses to Daryl that she didn’t have intentions of looking for Negan, but is instead looking for Alpha’s horde.

 We then head over to the infirmary where Dante is looking over an elderly patient named Cheryl. Siddiq arrives holding Coco to check up on things at the hospital. Dante says everything is good and there is a small stomach bug outbreak occurring. He reassures Siddiq that everything is fine and he can handle it.

 Back out in the woods, Carol is explaining to Daryl how she’s been tracking the walkers along the border. She noticed how all the groups of walkers seem to meet up at this one point. She has decided to stake out the spot to see if she can follow them with the Whisperers to where Alpha is keeping her horde. Daryl believes the horde is being kept in one of two canyons in the Whisperers territory. Daryl advises that they shouldn’t cross the border again, fearing Alpha will retaliate on Alexandria even worse. Carol swears that all she is doing is locating the horde so she can report the location to the council. 

 Meanwhile, in the Whisperers’ territory, Negan is trying to explain to them that he is on their side, and he wants to give Alpha all of Alexandria’s dirty secrets. Beta says that he can’t be trusted, but Alpha suggests they give him a chance anyway. Beta stands his ground causing Alpha to question his loyalty to her. She thinks Beta is against Negan joining the group because he thinks Negan is going to replace him.

 At Hilltop Eugene and Nabila are putting the deconstructed satellite to good use by improving the radio’s communications capabilities. While setting up the equipment Rosita calls up Eugene to see how things were going. He says everything is fine, then he’s equipment starts malfunctioning and the two agree to talk at a later time.

 Carol and Daryl are getting bored so they start throwing acorns at a can. They are talking about hilltop when Carol asks Daryl about his relationship with Connie. He shrugs it off and changes the subject as a group of walkers being led by the Whisperers finally show up. They watch as the Whisperers collect the stray walkers from nearby to grow there group. Carol says she going to wait until nightfall so she can follow them to the main horde. Daryl asks if this is really about getting revenge on Alpha, but Carol stands her ground that this is strictly about finding the main horde.

 In Alexandria Siddiq stops by Rosita’s to get Coco a change of clothes to find her on the couch sicker then she was earlier. Rosita claims she’s found, but Siddiq takes her to the infirmary anyway just to be safe. He arrives to see the outbreak is getting worse and Dante is over his head with patients, so he steps in to take charge of the situation in an attempt to get ahead of the bug. 

 In the Whisperers’ camp, Negan is talking off the ear of an annoyed Beta. Beta wastes no time in putting Negan to work by making him build an underground smoker, skinning walker pelts, and killing a boar with a crappy, small pocket knife. At the end of the day, Negan goes to help himself to some of the pig, but Beta says it’s for them only. He shoves Negan down. The two are about to fight when Negan sees Alpha watching him, so he decides to back off instead.

 We then go back to Hilltop to find Eugene waiting for Rosita to call him back. He tries calling Alexandria himself but doesn’t reach anybody. So, he turns frequency and puts out a blanket message trying to reach anyone that hears his voice. He is at this for hours when a woman finally answers his calls. They two are at a lost for words because neither thought the other was out there. So, they start making small talk to get to know each other better. After a few hours of talking the two decide to make this a regular thing.

 Daryl and Carol swiftly cross the border without being noticed. They hide in the trees waiting for the Whisperers to collect the group of walkers. Unfortunately, Carol loses her footing and steps on a pile of sticks. This attracts the Whisperers who head into the forest to look for them with some walkers. The two are split up. Daryl grabs a walker and rips open its stomach. He smears the walker’s guts on his face so he can hide from the Whisperers better. Later, they reunite at the fence on their side. Daryl is confused about why Carol took a Whisperer as a hostage. She said that she did it because this is the only way they’ll know exactly where the horde is.

 Beta and Negan are with a different group of walkers, taking them to the main horde. Negan tells Beta he is still adamant about joining the Whisperers. Beta says he will never be a Whisperer because he is loud and full of ego. Beta then stabs a fellow whisperer attracting the attention of the surrounding walkers. He then abandons Negan to die. When Beta returns to the camp in the morning he is satisfied that he won at proving Negan wasn’t a good fit for the time. Alpha is a little disappointed because she saw potential in him. In a shocking turn of events, Negan arrives at the camp holding a crudely made Lucille. He pledges his loyalty to Alpha and drops to his knees. Alpha finally decides to make him a part of the Whisperers.

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