The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Ends on High Note

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The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Ends on High Note
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Nadia Hilker as Magna, Lauren Ridloff as Connie, Melissa McBride as Carol, Angel Theory as Kelly - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AM8

Spoiler Alert: The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Ends on High Note!

Tonight’s episode on The Walking Dead begins with them explaining how Dante was able to infiltrate Alexandria. It turns out he pretended he was a lonely survivor being an ambush by a couple of walkers. When he arrives he quickly tries to make himself an important part of society. This plays well into Alpha’s plan as Dante vandalizes the town by painting ‘Silence the Whisperers’ all over town, breaks the valve on the filtration system which got everyone sick and kills Cheryl by smothering her with a pillow. He did all of this to slowly break apart Alexandria to get into Alpha’s good graces. Unfortunately, he made a huge mistake by killing Siddiq. He begins to panic when he realizes Siddiq is dead. He goes to stab him in the head before he can change into a walker but is interrupted by Rosita. She was concern about Siddiq when she saw his bedroom light was on while out on a walk with Coco. Dante tries telling her he stepped out because he had gotten an urgent call from a patient. Rosita suddenly becomes uneasy as Dante approaches her with the knife. She puts Coco down in the tub. Realizing his story wasn’t working he charges at Rosita with the knife. Rosita quickly disarms him and the two begin to fight. Meanwhile Siddiq, now a walker, goes for Coco who is currently crying. Rosita manages to break out of Dante’s grip long enough to grab the knife. She stabs Dante in the shoulder and kills Walker Siddiq just in time to save Coco. 

The next day Aaron meets up with Gamma. She asks him about the baby they rescued at Hilltop that the whisperer left behind. He said the baby is fine and the family who adopted him named him Aaron. She asks to see him in return for information about the Whisperers. He said he’ll make a deal with her only if the information she gives him is proven truthful. He also says from now on he’ll talk to her only if she takes off her mask. She agrees to remove her mask and reveals her name is Mary.

In Alexandria Daryl, Carol, Father Gabriel, and Rosita are questioning Dante. Gabriel asks him why let Siddiq live at the barn massacre, only to kill him months later? Dante said killing Siddiq wasn’t part of his plan. The plan was to cause paranoia among the Alexandrians, pushing them to make bad decisions on behalf of the greater good. He says places like Alexandria often fall apart at the slightest issue, even what they do about Dante will like stir issues among the people. Aaron returns from his visit with Gamma and is distraught by the news of Siddiq’s murder. He is shocked that a Whisperer slipped through the cracks of the very careful screening process from new citizens. He did, however, return with good news, he was able to get the location of Alpha’s herd. Turns out it was in a sunken field on the edge of the forest in the Whisperers’ territory. Carol decides to take a group out there after Siddiq’s funeral, but Daryl remains suspicious of trusting a Whisperer. Daryl wants to go out to look for Lydia instead before Alpha gets to her. Aaron says Alpha doesn’t know Lydia is out there and as long as they have Dante she never will. Daryl brings up the possibility that this could be an ambush. Aaron disagrees because all Gamma wants is to see the baby they rescued. He says it turns out the baby is her nephew and only surviving family member. Daryl reluctantly agrees to go out to verify Gamma’s claims about the herd as long as they take a group from Hilltop with them. Afterward, they will go search for Lydia. When Aaron leaves Daryl confronts Carol about what happen the night Lydia ran off. Carol stands by her decision to expose Alpha’s lies by showing them Lydia was alive.

On their way to Oceanside, a citizen from Hilltop notices signs of a possible Whisperer spy may be lurking around. Michonne, while looking at Luke, tells them they need to be extra quiet as to not attract the spies attention. Luke says he is only their as a representative of Hilltop as a soldier of peace and justice, but Judith bursts his bubble by bringing up Jules his Oceanside crush. Judith changes the subject by asking him what he is whistling. He says he is whistling a classical song he loves by Rachmaninoff. Judith makes a note of it in her journal. She has been keeping a record of everything that’s been going on for the future. Luke tells her the best way to keep a good personal history is by reading more. He then mentions there is a library on the way to Oceanside and encourages Michonne to stop at it so they can pick up more books for the communities. They arrive at the library to pick up some books when Magna radios Michonne to tell her the bad news about Siddiq’s passing. Meanwhile Luke goes off to the music section. To his surprise, he finds a sheet music book with all of Rachmaninoff’s music. His joy is short-lived when a walker on either side grab him. Stuck between the walker he calls for help. He is rescued by a stranger who quickly leaves the library.

Darkness befalls Alexandria as the lay Siddiq to rest. Everyone, in all the communities, are in shock by his death as grief consumes them all. After the funeral Carol catches up with King Ezekiel, while Rosita goes to investigate a banging noise on the fence. While out killing walkers Rosita freezes up and gets overpowered by one with a helmet melted to his skull. Eugene quickly rescues her from the walker. After they kill the walker Eugene gives his condolences to her for her loss. Father Gabriel re-watches Dante’s entrance interview video, unsure where they went wrong. The video interviews pay respects to Deanna’s memory who founded Alexandria years ago. She did the interviews at the beginning to maintain transparency. Rosita returns worried that she can’t handle walkers as she uses too out of fear of making Coco an orphan. Father Gabriel blows her off because he is more concerned about dealing with the Dante problem, then Rosita’s issue towards walkers.

After a long journey, Michonne arrives at Oceanside. Once she gets there she breaks the news to Rachel about Dante being a Whisperer. Michonne tells them they need to tighten up their acceptance protocol when an Oceansider catches a stranger trying to steal a sail. Another Oceansider says it’s the same person who has been messing around with there security system. Luke, however, identifies the man as the guy who rescued him from the library. While interrogating the man the Oceanside fence is breached by walkers. Michonne quickly joins the others in containing the walkers. The stranger sees this as his opportunity to escape but is stopped by Judith, cutting his leg, causing him to pass out from blood loss.

Back in Alexandria Father Gabriel decides to confront Dante to get much-needed answers. First, he asks if he even had a family since knowing he had a family was something Gabriel liked about him. Dante doesn’t answer the question because he feels trust is a meaningless idea in today’s world. He tells Gabriel to look around and ask himself if people deserve a second chance. Father Gabriel enters the cell. He says Siddiq was like a brother to him, and his family is broken because of this. He goes on to say he feels responsible for his death because he should have protected him better. He finishes by saying people get a second chance, whether or not they deserve it. He then shocks everyone by brutally stabbing Dante to death. After murdering Dante he burns him at a pillar he built.

Daryl, Carol, and Aaron meet up with the Hilltop group to confirm Gamma’s story about the location of the herd. While traveling to the spot Carol wonders off because she thinks she sees something in the distance. Daryl stops her just before she almost loses her foot in a bear trap. Daryl snaps at her because she is so caught up in killing Alpha that she keeps putting herself at risk. He swears she hasn’t been the same since she got off the boat. Carol is unsure how to tell Daryl her true feelings. Being so close she doesn’t have to as Daryl immediately knows what’s wrong. The two hug and Daryl pleads with her to stop having Alpha get to her so much, and she’ll get her revenge.

At Oceanside, the prisoner wakes up from his surgery to see Judith reading the book he took from the library. He demands it back claiming it’s for his daughter. Knowing he is awake, Michonne comes over to finish questioning him. Michonne demands to know how long he has been watching Oceanside. He swears he is not spying on them and just wants to return home. She asked why he saved Luke back at the library. He said he only did so because mercy is in short supply these days. This strikes a nerve in Michonne as it brings back memories of Rick. She asks him where home is to help him return. He says he is from a hard to find, heavily fortified naval base on Bloodsworth Island in Tangier Sound two days away from Oceanside. The only way to return home is by a boat on their pier. Rachel tells him he is allowed to leave once he pays for the damage he caused at Oceanside. He agrees to pay for his debt by giving Michonne much-needed supplies to help fight the Whisperers to cover his debt. This deal is agreed upon by all three parties. Michonne leaves that night with the stranger, who we know now as Virgil, for Bloodsworth Island.

Finally, the gang arrives at the location where Gamma told them the herd will be. To their surprise, it is just an empty field. Daryl demands they switch priorities to begin searching for Lydia. Aaron swears the herd must have been there because of the freshly laid trap Carol almost step on earlier. Once they begin searching for Lydia Carol sees Alpha in the distance. She takes off after her with the others behind her. Alpha runs into a cave as they others chase after her. Once inside the cave, they find themselves right in the middle of Alpha’s herd. 

Will Michonne return from Bloodsworth Island, or is this a trap? Will the gang get out of the cave alive? Will we ever find Heath? Hopefully, some of our questions will get answered when the second half of season ten returns February 23, 2020.

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