The Walking Dead final season promises a lot of zombies

Bosses of The Walking Dead have promised an action-packed final season, featuring “tons of zombies”.

The show’s last run will premiere in the US in August , it has now been confirmed. The season premiere will likely air in the UK on the following day.

Speaking about the forthcoming new episodes, Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang told EW that’ season will see a return to the “usual scope” of past seasons.

She said: “Just in very broad terms, I’ll say that season , we get to come back more of our usual scope and scale that people are used to,” Kang tells EW. “So we’ll start seeing more stories again like the first episode — it’s got everybody on earth in the episode.

“And tons of zombies and lots of action and fun and intrigue, and locations we’ve never seen, and things like that. So just stylistically, there will be a change from these six episodes that we just watched back into our normal season.”

Lauren Cohan as Maggie and Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier in ‘The Walking Dead’ Picture: Josh Stringer AMC

“We’ll be dealing with the new group that our foursome of Eugene, Ezekiel, Princess, and Yumiko ran across and that starts to open up their world in bigger and unexpected ways. Then of course we’ve got to see that Connie is still alive at the end, so we still got that thread out there to deal with,” she added.

“We’ve got some great stories at Alexandria, as they’re dealing with the aftermath of this Whisperer war and things start to amp up even further. Then it all keeps rolling from there.”

Regarding the Negan and Maggie storyline, Kang teased: “There’s a big, important story that has to do with Maggie and Negan. And I think it should be fascinating. Those two are really, really great across from each other.”

Recent casting announcements for season of The Walking Dead have included Avengers: Infinity War‘s Michael James Shaw, who will play Mercer, the commander of the Commonwealth Army, alongside Margot Bingham, who will star as Stephanie of the Commonwealth after having a voice-only role in season .

Also joining the cast for the final season is Jacob Young, who is best known for his roles on US soap operas The Bold And The Beautiful and All My Children and will be playing a character called Deaver.

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