The Walking Dead Episode Ten, Stalker: Review and Discussion

The Walking Dead Episode Ten

This article contains spoilers. Readers discretion is advised. The Walking Dead Episode Ten, Stalker: Review and Discussion: 

When they said this half of the season was going to be suspenseful, they weren’t kidding. We’re only two episodes into the season and the craziness just won’t quit! The episode begins with Beta entering a fly-infested trailer, where two Whisperers are waiting for him. They move some furniture around to reveal a secret tunnel underneath the mobile home. Beta enters the tunnel alone. Then it cuts to the theme song. When we return we are in Alexandria. Rosita and Father Gabriel are sleeping as Coco begins to fuss. Rosita gets up to change her diaper. She turns to see a Whisperer getting ready to kill Coco. It is here when Rosita wakes up revealing the whole thing was a dream. Father Gabriel is trying to reach her via radio. Rosita arrives at the gate, surprised to see Gamma is there. She tells them about the other trapped in the cave with the horde. Gabe is suspicious of where her true loyalty lies because she had just told them the horde was in a field. Gamma swears she’s trying to help them. Rosita asks her why she is helping them. Gamma says she is doing it for her nephew at Hilltop. Gabe asks what happened to the baby’s mother. She answers him by saying she is dead. They say they will trust her if she can point out the cave’s location on a map. Gamma agrees and goes to follow Father Gabriel, but instead, she is punched out by Rosita. Rosita orders the guards to take her to the cell.

Out in the woods, Daryl is on a quest for blood, killing everything in his path. A passing Whisperer gets suspicious over the trail of corpses when Alpha emerges from the cave with the portion of the horde. Daryl decides his best chance of survival is to lay low and keep quiet. In Alexandria, Gamma is starting to wake up in the prison cell. She begins to panic over the amount of blood on the floor thinking it is hers. Rosita says it isn’t, but it was Daunte’s from when Father Gabriel killed him earlier this season. Here is where they point out that only two days have passed since Siddiq’s death. This helpful tidbit helps us establish a timeline in our minds. Anyways, Rosita says that Gamma needs to prove to them that she is not like the other Whisperers. If she fails to do so, then she will die. Gamma swears she has been telling the truth this whole time. Father Gabriel says he is a man of God who has heard multiple confessions and knows when someone is hiding something. Gamma begins to crack under the pressure. She confesses that she killed her sister for Alpha. This makes Father Gabriel believe that Gamma is on there side.

Back at the horde, Alpha gets the sense that they are being watched seconds before Daryl shoots a whisperer with a bolt from his crossbow. This surprise attack causes the horde to turn on the Whisperers, who are taking a defensive position on the edge of the water. Daryl pounces at the opportunity to attack the Whisperers. As soon as Daryl kills the last one he goes for Alpha, but not before she hits him in the head, blinding him with his own blood. This doesn’t stop him from grabbing a nearby tree branch, spearing Alpha in the shoulder. Daryl begins interrogating her about the I assume the location of her camp. Unfortunately, he was unable to finish as the horde draws closer to him. As he fights the walkers Alpha takes advantage of the situation by wounding him further to slow him down as she runs off.

In Alexandria, Gamma is showing Gabriel the cave’s location on the map as promised. She said there are multiple entries, but she is unsure where they are. She did say these points are heavily guarded. Rosita asks about the border. Gamma reassures them that it is clear because it’s too long to properly secure since most of there forces are sent to protect the horde. Once she gave them enough information to work with they send her back to her cell. Though Rosita remains a skeptic about her loyalty, Father Gabriel believes in his heart that she can be trusted. Then, in a shocking twist of events, he orders the others to take in the Whisperers alive so they can start torturing them for more information. He says the more pain and fears they can inflict on the Whisperers, the faster they crack.

After this bizarre outburst, we return to see Alpha has tracked down Daryl who is nursing his wounds in an abandoned gas station garage. Alpha heads inside and starts banging on the metal door frame to summon the nearby walkers. We return to Alexandria as Rosita and Father Gabriel suit up to be part of the rescue party to save those trapped in the cave. Father Gabriel strongly encourages Rosita to stay back to help the defenses at Alexandria. She scoffs at this idea since she believes he is the most reckless one after giving such a horrifying speech about cutting fingers and pulling teeth. Rosita says she has to go out there in honor of Siddiq. In the cell, Gamma gets a visit from Judith. She asks who was she before becoming a Whisperer. Gamma says a few things that she could remember, which wasn’t much. Judith reassures her that she isn’t the monster that the others think she is. Just as she was beginning to break through Rosita tells her to head home because the town is going into lockdown soon.

In the garage, three walkers show up and make a beeline straight to Daryl. Alpha is in walker skin so they don’t even notice her. Daryl uses the nearby weapons, including the knife in his leg, to kill them. Unfortunately pulling the knife out was a bad idea as blood pours from the now open wound. Daryl begins to struggle to get the bleeding under control. Back at Alexandria, the search parties are getting ready to head out when they get a call from a nearby outpost. Alpha’s horde is approaching the city. Father Gabriel quickly assumes the reason Alpha is sending her horde now is to stop them from acting on the information they have just received from Gamma. At the last second, he changes there plans. He orders Rosita and Laura to stay in Alexandria with a skeleton crew, while he and the other head to the outpost to break up the horde before rescuing the others trapped in the cave. Rosita is furious, but thankful because she knew in her heart she wasn’t ready to face the Whisperers just yet.

Nightfall approaches just as Beta emerges from a grave that was connected to his secret tunnel. At the same time, Father Gabriel’s team has reached the outposts to find the guards dead, and no signs of the horde they mentioned. It doesn’t take him long to figure out the trap they had set on them. We return to Alexandria to find Beta going door to door killing Alexandrians in the way that they come back as walkers. This serves as the perfect distraction so he can break Gamma out of the cell. Beta tells her that he was ordered by Alpha to bring her back alive for painless execution. Gamma doesn’t believe him because she knows Alpha all too well. Laura shows up just in time to pin Beta in a corner. Gamma runs out to get reinforcements, but this doesn’t go too well for Laura. As soon as Gamma leaves he attacks her, murdering her in the process. Beta then runs outside to look for her. Judith had just let Gamma into the Grimes home to hide from Beta, but this is the first place he enters looking for her. He begins searching the home for Gamma. He goes upstairs and approaches the first closed-door he sees. Then BAM, a shot rings out, sending him flying into the wall. The door opens to reveal Judith standing there holding Rick’s legendary Colt Python. Thinking he is dead, the three take off to another room. But, he was faking it. As Gamma runs passed him he grabs her ankle, causing her to fall. This is when Rosita arrives. She quickly overcomes her fear of the Whisperers and the two begin to fight. But, Beta quickly gets Rosita down. Just before he kills her he is stopped by Gamma. She is holding a knife to her throat. She makes a deal with him; he takes her alive to Alpha, in return he leaves the people of Alexandria alone. The two are returning to camp when the team at the outpost ambushed them. They try to kill Beta but were unsuccessful. At this point, they accept Gamma as one of there own to thank her for her acts of bravery.

Finally, at the garage, both Alpha and Daryl are being to feel the effects of blood loss. Alpha begins to ramble on about how pain shaped her, Daryl, and Lydia. Daryl accuses Alpha of never loving Lydia in the first place. This makes her upset. She gets up to kill him but doesn’t make it far. Right before she passes out Lydia shows up. Alpha takes her hand, sings her a song, and puts a knife in her hand. She encourages Lydia to stab her in the heart in order to become the new leader of the Whisperers. Lydia refuses the offer because she wants something she never had, she wants to be human. At this point, Alpha passes out. She comes in the morning light. She looks around for Lydia but instead finds her knife stuck in a table with ‘ Your way is not the only way’ curved into the wood next to it. Alexandria though uncovered how Beta was able to dig a tunnel to use Dante’s grave as the entrance point to sneak into the town. Aaron returns to inform them that not everybody made it out of the cave. Father Gabriel assemble a caravan of people including Rosita to send to Hilltop. Rosita has made peace with Gamma, who now goes by her actual name Mary, for the time begin. Daryl comes to at Lydia makeshift camp. Lydia tells him that she has been watching both sides trying to decide which one she wants to be on. Daryl asks if she killed Alpha. Instead of answering she asked if that was his father, could he do it? Alpha is rescued by a couple of Whisperers. She then swears vengeance on Alexandria and that her horde will rip them apart.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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