The Walking Dead Episode Five: What It Always Is

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The Walking Dead Episode Five

Spoiler Alert: The Walking Dead Episode Five: What It Always Is

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was quite interesting. We begin with Kelly tracking down a boar while hunting. Things start to get intense when she starts loses her hearing, causing her ears to ring. By losing her hearing she quickly becomes overpowered by a walker, losing her boar in the process. She tries to flee but becomes disoriented and falls into a deep ravine, severely injuring herself. When she passes out we cut to Negan, who has been hiding in the woods since he escapes Alexandria. He thinks he is in the clear when he is approached by an Alexandrian named Brandon who acts like he is bringing Negan back. This turns out to be a prank as Brandon confesses he is a big fan of Negan’s work, offering him a canteen. 

We then travel to Hilltop to see fence repair is in full swing. Alden and Eugene are discussing possible uses for the trees remain when Yumiko offers some advice. Their conversation is interrupted by Earl asking them what they plan to do about the Whisperers attack on them. Yumiko says he can’t be sure it was them when a Hilltop citizen approaches her to report another theft of supplies. Yumiko decides to start the investigation by confronting the person who was in charge of guarding last night, Magna. Magna says she didn’t see anything and she only left her post once to fight walkers coming in through the opening.

Outside, Daryl and Siddiq arrive at Hilltop while out searching for Negan. Siddiq heads for the hospital to give medical treatment to those injured in the tree fall, while Daryl confronts King Ezekiel about his relationship with Carol. As Ezekiel walks away from Daryl a hunter from Hilltop arrives back with no Kelly. When Connie confronts him over this he says Kelly ran off to track down a wild boar and should be back by now. Concern for her safety she and Daryl set out to find her.

While they do that we check on Negan who is having to deal with Brandon gushing over him. Brandon is telling him stories his father told him about Negan’s greatness when he brings up a sensitive topic, Carl. He says his father told him Negan made Rick cut off Carl’s hand before killing him. This made Negan very angry, causing him to lash out at Brandon. Shortly after setting the record straight with him Negan is overpowered by a walker. After killing the walker he turns to Brandon to see he has crafted him a new Lucille. He offers it to him as a gift alongside his signature leather jacket. Negan refuses, saying it’ll make him stand out. 

After this we see Aaron protecting there side of the border. He thinks he hears walkers coming up behind him. He goes to take care of them when he stumbles upon Gamma contaminating the water supply Hilltop depends on.

After we learn this we return to Negan to find that he and Brandon returned to the old sanctuary. Brandon is rating walker hotness with Negan as they case out the old place. This game is interrupted when Negan hears a woman screaming not far from them. Negan rushes to her aide. While rescuing her he loses his knife, but that still didn’t stop him from saving her and her son Milo. 

Also, while out in the woods Daryl and Connie are searching for Kelly. Connie feels guilty for not going hunting with Kelly, so Daryl decides to make her feel better telling her a story about him and Merle. The story goes one day while fishing on private property in a stolen boat a drunk Merle falls into the water. Daryl dives in and saves his life. Instead of being thankful Merle calls him an idiot for leaving the beer behind. This helps call her down a bit as they go to see what Dog is barking at. When they arrive they find the half-eaten boar that Kelly was tracking. Shortly after they discover the boar Magna finds them. 

Back at Hilltop, Siddiq is going over the medical supply shortage with King Ezekiel when he starts to cough. After expressing concern about Ezekiel’s health it is discovered that the King has thyroid cancer. Ezekiel confesses that thyroid cancer runs in his family. Those who had it previously survived, but only with the help of modern medicine.

After this heartbreaking news, we return to Negan is getting to know the people he just rescued in an old bus. When they decided to leave to get their things Brandon suggests they follow them and steal their supplies. Negan, who finally had enough of Brandon, orders him to go anywhere, as long as it was far away from him. Brandon walks off in a huff.

Back at the Whisperer’s camp Alpha is tanning new hides when Gamma returns. She tells her she completed damming up the creek but needs a guardian to finish contaminating the water supplies. Beta says no more guardians as they depend on them for survival. Alpha insists since it is part of there plan to weaken the communities little by little. This where Alpha confesses to causing the tree to fall on Hilltop. A Whisperer stands up in protests saying these small attacks are taking to long. Alpha uses his body to explain that even though her attacks seem small, they still affect them in a big way. Beta finishes the job by stabbing him in the neck. He gives him to Gamma for a guardian to finish her job. Gamma returns to the creek with the guardian and she starts stabbing the walker’s corpse, remembering her sister in the meantime. It is during this she cut her hand pretty bad on the knife. Knowing it is a nasty wound Aaron offers her a roll of gauze. Turns out Aaron has been watching her the whole time. He tries to make conversation with her, but she flees instead.

In the meantime, Negan has a one on one with Milo explaining to him that he knows of a good shelter for them, but he can’t tell anyone the Negan brought them there. After teaching Milo a game called ‘nut tapping’ he goes off to find firewood so they can have a quick bite to eat before heading out. He returns with firewood when he hears a familiar whistle from the other side of the bus. He goes to check out and discovers to his horror Brandon had killed the mother and son. Brandon claims that he understood that Negan sent him away to test his loyalty, so he returned to kill the new survivors in his name. Negan is not happy with Brandon, so he picks up a nearby rock and kills Brandon with it. Negan gets the taste of blood afterward and takes his jacket and new Lucille out of Brandon’s backpack.

In another part of the woods Dog finds Kelly severely wounded, and barely alive. Daryl can tell by Kelly’s injuries that she’s not going to make it back to Hilltop. This causing Connie to confess to Daryl that she, Kelly, and Magna have been working as a team to steal supplies from Hilltop. Daryl becomes upset with Connie over stealing much-needed supplies. After a heated argument, they agree to return the supplies only if Daryl says the just found them with him.

At Hilltop Dante is informing Siddiq on the medical news of Alexandria. Siddiq is preoccupied with the grim news of King Ezekiel’s cancer. He asks Dante to get Carol and forces King Ezekiel to break the news to her, but before Carol gets to the radio Ezekiel turns it off. Yumiko confronts Magna about the supplies she allegedly found while out searching for Kelly. She finds it suspicious since this isn’t the first community supplies that went missing on Magna’s watch. Magna argues back saying Yumiko never trusted her and believes once a criminal always a criminal. Yumiko gets upset saying the first time they met she felt sorry for Magna. Magna responds by confessing to a murder she was charged with in the past that Yumiko defended her against. Meanwhile outside Daryl begins to leave with Siddiq when Connie thanks him for going with their story. Daryl says he understands and family sticks together no matter what.

Meanwhile at the Whisperer’s camp Gamma shows Alpha her injured hand. She explains that the guy with the metal arm (AKA Aaron) gave her the gauze. Alpha sees this act of kindness as an opportunity to bring down Alexandria from the inside. She suggests Gamma befriend Aaron to infiltrate the enemy lines as a spy. Finally, Negan crosses the border and calls out the Whisperers. His calls are answered by Beta and two get ready to fight. This, unfortunately, is where the episode ends.

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