The Unconventional Survivor – part 2

The Unconventional Survivor
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A few weapons you as the unconventional survivor may use during the apocalypse, part 2.

Let’s talk about weapons. Their advantages and disadvantages. Each and every weapon has an advantage and disadvantage. Obviously but not many discuss them in full. I know that there isn’t enough time to discuss each and every one of them I will break them down to categories for you from melee weapons to launched explosives. Blunt to sharp, long and short range, and auto and semi auto.

Blunt weapons

These are the most common weapon you will come across. Anything from a solid stick to a sledgehammer, however, being selective here is important. Picking up a stick that is too light, the stick will break. Finding a stick that is too heavy could require more strength and energy to use and will wear you out. With either one could result with you being in the hands of the infected.

Bladed weapons

These weapons are the most famous of melee weapons. Being in countless movies and video games, they hold a special place in our hearts, but a lot of them take skill and practice to wield and some of them take maintenance to be effective which are normally swords and knives, you have to keep them sharp for repeated use. Machetes and axes and hatchets take less skill and maintenance to use and are easier to find what on the move so keep these in mind when you are on the move.


These are the most famous of weapons and are used in pretty much anything you’ve might of seen or read, and come in different forms, models, types, and calibers. Assault rifles are among the favorites and probably easy to get ahold of after the military fails. They have advantages such as now days readily available ammunition, however, most of them have the automatic setting which for people that don’t have any training on these won’t have the control to not use this setting and will waste ammo for using it. Hunting or bolt action rifles can be very useful , especially at long range, but there are disadvantages to it as well. Most of them reload by one round at a time which in desperate situations can be ineffective. Carbine rifles are still probably going to be your best bet with reloading speeds and ammo usage and will completely take away automatic fire for which there’s no need for.

Pistols and light machine guns are a last ditch effort and should stay away from unless really needed.


Only to be used in very desperate situations just like pistols and light machine guns.

With everything I have mentioned in this article some skill and practice is required to stay alive and please read survival guides and weapons guides for details and proper usage.

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Written by Anthony Brogna

Hi I'm Anthony, I Served in the United States Army from 2006 until 2012. I have been a long time zombie fan and prepper, who's been writing short stories since I was 12 years old.

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