The Unconventional Survivor – part 1

The Unconventional Survivor

A few places you as the unconventional survivor may use as refuge during the apocalypse.

There are a lot of different tips to survive the zombie apocalypse, but there are so few tips for the ones who can’t afford it or are unable to get to suggested places when it all goes south. Even when everything settles down, not many people can make it to shelters or have specific weapons or acquire certain supplies. I will try to guide you through unconventional shelters, makeshift weapons , and unseen supplies keep in mind I’m not a professional prepper so make sure you do your research. That being said here is the first thing I would do in this specific situation.

Traveling And Shelters

In this case traveling in any crisis, especially early on is highly discouraged, but if you wait until the panic dies down (in between 3-7 days) then leaving will be a safer bet and always ALWAYS!! Have a planned location. Wether it’s to a military base or a camp or someplace else and if driving is not an option. Here are a few shelters you may come across these shelters to stay in overnight.

Public restrooms

Normally not the ideal shelter to stay in, but it may be your only option. Here’s which ones you can go to and which ones to stay away from.

Small stores

These places come in all different sizes, from multi-stall restrooms to single toilet bathrooms. In my personal opinion…steer clear of the first. Normally these restrooms are never able to latch or lock and are found in major grocery stores and department stores places you shouldn’t go to anyways. These bathrooms are like an all you can eat buffet for zombies.


The classic hobo stories almost always had at least one of these in them. Boxcars are even now a transport for goods and supplies. Now made of various different metals. Making them more sturdier than their wooden counterparts. The height from the ground and the sliding doors make it hard for a crashing break in

Keep in mind that these shelters are worst case scenarios. Normally you would probably need to find an empty house or a empty warehouse to take shelter.

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Written by Anthony Brogna

Hi I'm Anthony, I Served in the United States Army from 2006 until 2012. I have been a long time zombie fan and prepper, who's been writing short stories since I was 12 years old.