The Story Of The Walking Dead


0:00​ The Opening
2:29​ Rick’s Survival
2:49​ Dr Edward Jenner’s Suicide Plan
3:06​ Rick radios Morgan on recent fatalities
3:35​ The group moving on
4:05​ The Farm
4:24​ The barn full of walkers
4:50​ The reminiscence of Dale
5:25​ Rick kills his best friend to ensure his survival
5:51​ Rick confesses to the murder of Shane to Lori
6:00​ The discovery of the prison
6:09​ Claiming the prison
6:41​ Andrew the prisoner releases walkers
7:53​ T-dog dies
8:06​ Lori dies
8:16​ Rick tells carl the inevitable
8:36​ Merle returns
9:04​ Michonne’s introduction
9:24​ Michonne Tells Rick About The Governor
9:50​ Rick infiltrates Woodbury
9:57​ Rick has an illusion with shanes face
10:47​ the governor shoots his own group on them being a liability
11:02​ Andrea warns rick
11:41​ The rise of the governor
14:05​ Hershel is beheaded
14:30​ the governor gets impaled
14:56​ the group is split up
17:05​ the sanctuary
18:36​ the church
19:09​ Meet, Aaron
19:31​ Alexandria
22:38​ Hiltop
23:18​ Negan
28:26​ all out war
29:46​ building and growing
30:31​ Rick’s departure
31:00​ The whisperers
31:31​ Lydia explains recent events
32:27​ Gabriel explains recent events
33:11​ carol explains recent events
33:57​ The Finale

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