The importance of having a night watch

By now many of you have seen the first episode of season 4 of The Walking Dead. At the ending of this episode, Patrick gets sick, dies and turns. The following trailer shows mass chaos, panic and the group leaving the prison. The first question this raises, is how did he get infected? Or did he just fall and die from impact, to turn just like everyone else that dies?

But that’s not the question I’m going to discuss here. The one I’m interested in, is why wasn’t there a night guard?! Why wasn’t there someone patrolling the sleeping quarters of the prison? It’s obvious there has to be someone outside, or in a guard tower to look for activity outside, but what people forget, is that this goes for the inside of your safe zone as well.

An apocalypse brings many dangers and stressful situations, these situations may drive people insane, especially at night when they’re laying in their beds in a safe zone. When they can’t sleep, they start to think and think until they go insane and do something stupid. This may be steal stuff and run off, open the gates to the undead, kill themselves, kill other… The list is endless. It’s therefor useful to have someone on night watch to keep an eye on people, or for that restless person to talk to.

Another major reason, especially during a zombie apocalypse, is to watch out for zombies! As seen in The Walking Dead, there is no telling when people might turn. An even bigger risk, is that of people dying in their sleep, due to stress or having a heart attack. Or just slipping while taking a shower. When these people return as zombies and there’s no night watch, it’s a feast for them! To prevent sleep turners (yes, I did just come up with that) it’s a good idea to have an armed night watch patrolling the sleeping quarters. If at all possible, have people sleep in one room so it’s easier to keep watch.

Now I know it might be weird for people to have someone patrol the room they sleep in, but it’s really for your own safety and others around you. Work in shifts so everybody does get some sleep and make sure not to change these shifts. That way people will eventually get used to them.

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Written by Franklyundead

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